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Perfectly Green Introduces Recyclable 'Soul' Eco-grass

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Published: 04 March 2022

At Perfectly Green we work hard to maintain our reputation for quality and innovative products, excellent value for money and superb service levels.

So, this year we have added a new product to our range for 2022. Soul Eco-grass is a great quality synthetic turf which is produced with a polypropylene 'Eco-backing', meaning that all elements of the grass can be recycled when the lawn is replaced or removed in around 10 to 15 years time. The absence of a conventional backing material, such as latex, also means that Soul is advantageous for dog owners who want a fake lawn because dog urine can pass through the grass and into the sub base. It is always recommended to regularly clean artificial grass, and sub base, to avoid unwanted dog smells and Soul helps with that. 

Polypropulene backing of Soul artificial grass  Profile view of Soul artificial grass

Soul Eco-grass is a 35mm pile height grass, with a PP eco-backing, micro-nerve and C shaped blades, and 15 stitches per 10cm. 

To purchase Soul Eco-grass please click here

Artificial grass manufacturers are working hard to provide products which address ever increasing environmental issues and we, at Perfectly Green, will be expanding on our own green objectives in the course of the 2022 and beyond. 


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