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Guest Blogger: Andy McCague… ‘To Panel or not to Panel?’

30 Jan 2018
Andrew McCague has been working in the synthetic turf industry for over 10 years. Initially specialising in synthetic golf putting greens and short game practice facilities his company developed a reputation for its high standard and superb attention to detail. He has excellent knowledge and experience of Perfect Base panel system. Andrew outlines the advantages […]
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Revolutionary Base System for Sport, Play & Leisure Areas

07 Jan 2018
The intention is simple. To supply the most versatile base system in the world! The benefits are significant: to minimise installation time to save money by reducing preparation Note: Perfect Base should always be installed with a sufficient gap around the perimeter to allow for panel expansion in warm conditions. What are the issues? Location […]
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Turning a concrete garden into a natural one

01 Jun 2017
If you’ve have acquired a garden that is completely concreted over, and dream of having a luscious, green garden with lots of plants, or even a nice area for you to entertain or let the children play, then we thought we’d put some of our together top tips for achieving this dream. You’re probably wondering […]
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How to plan your garden redesign

09 May 2017
When it comes to planning the redesign of your garden, whether small or large, it can seem a daunting yet exciting task. There are many aspects to consider, meaning  that it can easily become overwhelming – and seem expensive. When designing your garden, the majority of the time you will be focused on your main […]
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Installation at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

25 Apr 2017
It is with great pride that we were asked by Battersea Dogs and Cats home to help create an easy, safe space to look after – but one the animals at the home can enjoy to their heart’s content. We managed to utilise free space that was available to create an exercise paddock, which can […]
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What artificial grass is best for dogs?

14 Aug 2020
Artificial grass is a great way to have that perfectly manicured lawn without the upkeep of traditional turf. Plus, you can use it year-round, without worrying about damaging grass – amongst other concerns. It is not only great to let the children play on, as well as hosting garden parties, but many artificial grasses are also […]
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How much artificial grass do you need for your project?

21 Mar 2017
So you’ve decided to install artificial grass – that’s great! No more trying to squeeze the mowing and weeding into your busy lifestyle. Now you can enjoy your lawn year round, without worrying about the dog walking mud into the house during the winter. No more grass stains on your children’s clothes when they are […]
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When is the best time to lay artificial grass?

21 Feb 2017
Artificial grass is a great way to enjoy your garden that little bit more without worrying about upkeep mowing the lawn, digging up the weeds, and children getting muddy. Not only will it look just like real turf, it will be extremely practical for anyone and everyone. It’s sure to make you the envy of […]
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Top mistakes to avoid when installing artificial grass

10 Feb 2017
The thought of having a perfect green lawn to enjoy throughout the year, with no maintenance, bald or brown patches for you to worry about, can now be a reality, thanks to the wonders of artificial grass. Laying your new artificial lawn is easy to do if you know what to do, as well as […]
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Making a putting green in your back garden?

23 Dec 2016
Got a sizable back garden and a love for golf? Why not combine the two and create your own private putting green from the luxury of your own home. Instead of travelling out to practice your swing, there are a number of great options for those who to turn their garden into their very own […]
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Synthetic indoor turf uses & best applications

19 Dec 2016
Artificial grass, whilst commonly used outside, can also be used inside for a number of different projects. These can range from everything from office decorations to indoor putting ranges. If you are interested in using artificial grass indoors then read this guide for some great pointers, information and advice. Indoor grass inspiration There are a […]
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7 creative uses of artificial grass

02 Dec 2016
Though artificial grass is often used in gardens, playgrounds and sporting centres, it has countless other uses that you may not have thought about. Here are 7 non traditional uses of artificial grass to inspire you. 1. Office decoration Looking for an easy way to liven up your office? Creating a breakout room covered in […]
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Garden in Langton Green gets great grassy refurbishment

02 Jun 2016
This month Perfectly Green put the finishing touches to another garden project, this time in Langton Green in Kent.   We were called to help out the private owners of a property in the area who sought to revitalise their garden after it had fallen into natural disrepair, due to years of dogs digging holes […]
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Perfectly Green finish grass steps on London canal bank

16 Mar 2016
Over the last week Perfectly Green has closed the curtains on yet another successful project. This time we were working in London, on the steps next to the riverbank near Sadler’s Wells theatre, and King’s Cross station. Despite being in close proximity to a theatre, the main performance was by the riverbank, as our lively […]
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Even more dog paddock refurbishment at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

09 Mar 2016
In business, it is always important to make sure that your customers are happy, which sometimes can be difficult to gauge. But when you’re working on a brand new paddock for cats and dogs it is usually easy to tell. Many tails were wagging this month when we completed work on yet another paddock for […]
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