Does the size and shape of my garden make a difference?

In short, no! Perfectly Green artificial grass comes in rolls that are either 2m or 4m wide, and as long as you need. All that’s required is to measure your garden and calculate the width and length required. The latex backing of the plastic turf means that it’s easy to cut to any size or shape. Our experienced installation team will cut around any obstacles such as play equipment, trees, and paths, leaving the turf fitting naturally around just like a real lawn.

With Perfectly Green artificial grass, no garden is too large and no garden is too small. In fact, artificial grass is perfect for injecting some colour into your balcony or terrace. For an extremely small space you may be interested in our artificial grass offcuts. If you have a large garden, our installation team will join multiple rolls together with absoltely no noticeable gap. Perfectly Green have installed artificial grass in a wide range of locations including football pitches, schools, and play areas, not just private gardens, so you can rest assured that whatever size or shape your garden we can install the grass. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that we do.