Though artificial grass can cost more than fresh turf per square meter initially, it pays off in terms of time and money spent on maintenance in the long term.

A natural lawn requires mowing, watering, seeding, and fertilising to keep it looking in the very best condition. Over the course of, say, 15-20 years, which is how long your fake lawn is likely to last, these costs add up, especially if it’s a dry summer and you’re on a water meter.

In our busy lives it can be hard to find the time to tend to a garden. With a plastic lawn you can spend extra quality time with your family, rather than toiling away in the garden. Some people are unable to mow the lawn themselves, for example the elderly or disabled, so they would need to employ a gardener. Considering all these costs, artificial grass is not that expensive.

A variety of locations

Our artificial grass can be used to serve a number of different functions, including use in public facilities. In areas of high use, in particular sporting grounds or playgrounds, artificial grass can be a fantastic investment. Where other grass may be worn and damaged through repeated use, our artificial grass can last a lot longer and therefore provide much greater savings over time.

Each of our varieties of grass has a different price, which can range from £10.95 to £25.95 per m2. We offer a wide range of synthetic grass varieties to suit your budget, from simple shorter pile turfs to longer, denser turfs that are thick and soft underfoot. The grass you choose will depend on how you want your grass to look; we offer a range of pile heights and colour variations to suit everyone.

All of our plastic turf looks natural and will fool anyone into believing it’s the real thing at first glance. If you’re on a very tight budget, or only want a small amount of artificial grass, you might want to consider our synthetic turf offcuts, which offer considerable savings.

Discount Offcuts and Full Rolls

Need any extra help?

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