We would not recommend installing artificial grass on a sharp sand base. A firm sub base is essential and the most important part of the installation. Perfectly Green would always recommend installing over a substantial sub base consisting of a weed membrane, three inches of type 1, a binding layer of sharp sand and then a second weed membrane. Following this process will ensure that the grass will last for many many years.

If you lay synthetic turf on top of an unstable surface it can shift over time and the surface can become uneven. The look and stability of your grass over its lifetime is reliant on a suitably prepared sub base. Many other artificial grass installers will only lay the grass on top of a sharp sand base. We neither believe that this is sufficient nor the way to guarantee a long life for your grass. Installing a fake lawn is a large investment so it’s important that it’s done properly.

If you have any further questions regarding ground preparation for your own artificial grass installation, please contact the Perfectly Green team.