As long as your artificial grass is laid with the proper surface preparation there will be no weeds growing through the turf. When purchasing synthetic turf from Perfectly Green, you are given the choice of either installing it yourself, or having our professional and experienced installation team doing it for you. Either way, as long as all the steps are followed in our installation guide, you should have no issues with weeds growing through the grass.

If you’re having an artificial lawn to replace where there is currently natural grass, the first thing to do is remove the turf and lay a base layer of MOT type 1 aggregate. The solidity of this surface ensures that the lawn wont sag or sink over time. Simply laying straight onto soil is not recommended for this reason. We usually apply a fine layer of sharpsand to the aggregate to completely level it out, before laying an all important geotextile weed membrane. This is a lightweight, semi-porous material that allows water to drain but doesn’t allow weeds to push through. At your option, it can also be suggested to lay a weed membrane beneath the aggregate giving your lawn the most protection from invasive weeds. With proper preparation before you even lay the grass, you’ll ensure that your artificial lawn remains unspoilt for years to come.

When installing synthetic grass on top of a hard surface, such as concrete or decking, you would typically follow a similar process, just without the layer of aggregate. A weed membrane would be laid over the existing surface, with the artificial grass installed on top. Do be careful however in these circumstances to fill in any gaps or cracks in the existing concrete or decking just to make absolutely sure that those nasty weeds have nowhere to go!

As always, to ensure long life for your artificial grass and protection from weeds, we’d further suggest keeping the lawn as free as you can from debris and rotting waste. A simple brush down every couple of weeks will help to clear the area and breath fresh life into your synthetic turf.