Artificial Grass Products

Scroll down to see the full range of Perfectly Green artificial grasses. Click on any of the images to look at the detail of each artificial grass. When you’ve found the artificial grass product that you’re most interested in, why not order a free sample from Perfectly Green.

Why choose Perfectly Green over other artificial grass providers?

Here at Perfectly Green we supply top quality, competitively priced artificial grass and provide a full installation service. We are confident that our synthetic turf is the most natural-looking grass alternative on the market. Plus, all of our plastic turf comes with a UV protection guarantee so that it remains green for years to come. Our wide range of artificial grass is suitable for a variety of applications, the only restriction is your imagination! For a full spec sheet of each grass just click the product link below and view/download the information.

If you need any assistance choosing the right fake grass product from our range, our knowledgeable and helpful team are here to advise. We have a wide range of products to suit all budgets, with even the lowest cost option looking like natural turf. Perfectly Green put a high value on customer satisfaction. We put the customer at the heart of our business; what you need and want is very important to us.

When you choose our installation service, your fake lawn will be laid by our experienced staff who pride themselves on the quality of their work and attention to detail. Perfectly Green strives to exceed customer expectations by supplying a product and service that is second to none.



Extra fine, soft blades and vibrant green appearance make Aspire a great entry level artificial grass.



With its natural green colour, Breeze artificial grass creates a colourful landscape well within most budgets.



NEW! A superb mid-range artificial grass with with 30mm pile height and C, D & Diamond shaped blades. Density of approx 16,000 stitches per m2. Corvette is soft to touch and very affordable.



A very natural deep green artificial grass with a ‘C’ shaped blade, giving a very soft feel.



NEW! A dense 35mm pile using a ‘Stem’ shaped blade &  high level yarn technology, Buick is a soft cushioned feel, with subtle brown tufting for added authenticity. Approx 23,000 stitches per m2.



NEW! A luxurious, dense 38mm pile height grass with ‘Spine’ shaped blades, which is very natural looking and soft to touch. Approx 18,900 stitches per m2.



This super soft and very dense artificial grass has 4 different coloured yarns which gives it a very natural spring look, the family will love this. Approx 25,200 stitches per m2.



NEW! Fantastic 40mm pile height grass at very affordable price. Saturn has a ‘Rectangle’ shaped blade for excellent ‘spring back’ and approximately 13,860 stitches per m2.



Long pile height, natural colours and dense tufting make Bodiam a fine quality turf with a real sense of green appeal!



A longer 39mm pile height, ‘D’ shaped blade and dense lower root-zone for softness and authenticity. Natural colours and shade. Approx 18.900 stitches per m2.



NEW! Magnum is a beautifully soft and dense grass with approx 26,000 stitches per m2 and ‘Diamond’ shaped blades for rapid ‘spring back’. This is one of the best quality artificial grasses on the UK market at an amazing price.



Stripes is a unique and revolutionary artificial grass with subtle stripes permanently manufactured into the grass rolls. Each stripe is 1/2m wide, giving a lighter/darker contrast across the roll. Stripes comes in a 40mm pile height, with ‘Diamond’ shaped blades and approx 13,850 stitches per m2.



NEW! Infinity is a superb 35mm pile height grass with polyurethane backing, highly suited to dog owners because PU is non-absorbent. The main blades are produced with an ‘S’ shaped blade for excellent ‘spring back’ and there are approx 17,800 stitches per m2



NEW! Mulsanne is a fantastic 40mm pile height grass with 2 brown shades of lower root zone for cushioning, blade support and authenticity. The main blades are an ‘S’ shape for rapid ‘spring back’. Mulsanne has a polyurethane backing which is ideal for dog owners because of the non-absorbent qualities.



A new generation of artificial grass manufactured with 3 different blade pile heights, unique in the UK, to give a very natural, multi-level appearance. Gallardo is backed with latex and boasts unique propeller and boomerang shaped yarns, giving this product a very resilient and a stable structure.