Artificial Grass Range

Scroll down to see the full range of Perfectly Green artificial grasses. Our grass products are supplied in roll widths of 2m and 4m (+/- approx. 0.5%). Click on any of the images to look at the detail of each artificial grass. When you’ve found the artificial grass product that you’re most interested in, why not order a free sample from Perfectly Green. Please note that prices are subject to delivery and vat. Collections are available Monday to Friday.




A great mid-range artificial grass with 30mm pile height and C shaped blades. Available in 2m, 4m and 5m wide rolls.




A fantastic 30mm mid range grass with ‘Wave’ shaped blades for great ‘spring back’. With approx 21,000 stitches/sqm Huracan is a dense, soft & beautiful artificial grass. Available in 2m, 4m and 5m wide rolls.



Diablo is a superb 35mm pile height grass with a ‘Wave’ shaped blade for great ‘spring back’ quality. Available in 2m , 4m and 5m wide rolls Diablo is very dense with approx 25,200 stitches/sqm.



A superb high-end artificial grass with 38mm pile height and ‘Diamond’ shaped blades, making the grass very soft. Density of approx. 25,200 stitches per m2.




Raptor is a brilliant new 40mm artificial grass with ‘Propeller’ shaped blades and a density of approx 25,000 stitches/sqm. A beautiful and affordable option for your garden.



35mm pile height grass with ‘micro-nerve’ shaped blades, natural-looking and soft to touch. Approx. 12,600 stitches per m2.




38mm pile height grass with ‘micro-nerve’ shaped blades. Natural-looking, very dense and soft to touch. Approx. 28,980 stitches per m2. Available in 2m and 4m wide rolls.



Magnum is a beautifully soft and dense grass with approx 27,300 stitches per m2 and ‘Diamond’ shaped blades for rapid ‘spring back’. This is one of the best quality artificial grasses on the UK market at an amazing price.



Gladiator is an exceptional artificial grass with ‘Propeller’ and ‘C’ shaped blades for ideal shape and ‘spring back’. With a 42mm pile height and approx 25,200 stitches/sqm Gladiator provides a lush and dense option for your garden.



Infinity is a superb 35mm pile height grass with polyurethane backing, highly suited to dog owners because PU is non-absorbent. The main blades are produced with an ‘S’ shaped blade for excellent ‘spring back’ and there are approx 17,850 stitches per m2



Mulsanne is a fantastic 40mm pile height grass with 2 brown shades of lower root zone for cushioning, blade support and authenticity. The main blades are an ‘S’ shape for rapid ‘spring back’. Mulsanne has a polyurethane backing which is ideal for dog owners because of the non-absorbent qualities.



Proline is a 16mm tightly woven polypropylene turf, with 40 stitches per 10cm and approx 84,000 stitches per m2. Perfect for all standard golfers to practice their putting game. With a stimpmeter reading of 10 this is one of the best artificial putting green products in the UK. For more information: Proline Putting Green Turf

Proline Product Specification Sheet