Crawley was hugely expanded after the New Towns Act 1946, which was set up to create new communities to house those who survived the ravages of World War II. Located between London and Brighton in West Sussex, Crawley’s Three Bridges mainline station is only 40 minutes from London Bridge. Crawley is a busy, multi cultural town with 13 unique communities radiating from the lively town centre. One of the busiest airports in the UK, Gatwick Airport, lies on the edge of the town and provides a large number of jobs to the people of Crawley.

There is a varied mix of housing in Crawley, ranging from flats to family homes, housing young professionals, families and a large number of cabin crew. Artificial grass is very versatile and has many benefits. Synthetic turf is very low maintenance. Once it’s installed all you need to do is give it a brush over every so often just to remove any leaves and other debris. Obviously it doesn’t require any mowing or watering. Installing plastic grass in your garden frees up your time for enjoying your garden, whether it’s a safe play area for your children or an adult-chill out zone with areas for entertaining. The lack of mud prevents your kitchen floor from being covered in dirty footprints, whether from the kids or the dog. Artificial grass stays green for years and allows water to permeate through, which prevents puddles from forming and allows the fake lawn to dry quickly after rainfall.

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