Cardiff has been the Welsh capital since 1955 and it’s the tenth largest city in the UK. It became a major city because of it’s rise as one of the main ports in the UK for the transport of coal. Cardiff, or Caerdydd in Welsh, has a long, rich history spanning back at least 1,500 years to the Neolithic era.

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Fake grass can be installed on patios and balconies. This gives you the opportunity to create a green oasis in your urban apartment in Cardiff. It’s perfectly possible to lay plastic turf on top of hard surfaces such as concrete so you can use it to spruce up your tired outside space and create an extra room in your home that you can use all year round. Perfectly Green grass allows water to permeate through so you don’t get puddles or muddy patches. This also means that the artificial grass dries quickly so you can get back outside soon after a rain shower.

Artificial grass is also perfect for numerous student accommodation in Cardiff because of the lack of maintenance required. All that needs to happen is a quick brush every so often to remove debris. The gardens in student housing can quickly turn into suburban jungles and who knows what may be living in the long grass. Swapping the lawn for a fake one can transform the space and keep it looking tidy and respectable for several sets of tenants.