Coulsdon is a town on the outskirts of South London. Its strong historic background and close connections to major London stations, including Charing X, make it a popular location for locals and commuters. Coulsdon is a rural town at heart, but has built itself up over the years, and London’s influence can be seen in the busier areas and modern domestic houses. Perfectly Green provide high quality synthetic grass throughout the South of England, including Coulsdon.

Artificial grass is becoming more popular in the UK, as many homeowners are eager to have an attractive garden but either don’t have time, or don’t want the high maintenance often associated with it. Perfectly Green have provided artificial grass for projects all over the country, including; sports grounds, nurseries and landscaping options.

Our synthetic turf is made to the highest quality and, on most occasions, people can only tell that it is fake under close inspection. Artificial grass is a particularly great option for people with disabilities or the elderly, who may desire a pleasant outdoor space but would find toiling in the garden difficult. No matter the weather, our grass will remain in prime condition, giving you a fantastic garden to look at all year round.

Plastic grass is great for children as it provides a soft place for them to play, and the permeable backing allows water to drain through – meaning you don’t have to worry about tracking muddy footprints through the house! Artificial grass is the perfect antidote to sporadic British weather, and is perfectly suited to playgrounds, nurseries and sporting grounds.

Because artificial grass requires so little maintenance, it is also an extremely popular choice for furry companions. Our grass is completely pet safe and well suited to kennels and dog runs, where animals can play happily, and cleaning up can be quick and painless.

In areas like Coulsdon, where many people spend long hours working or travelling to central London, artificial grass offers the opportunity to have a fantastic looking garden waiting for you each day when you get home.

Perfectly Green are happy to take on projects no matter how ambitious. We have a number of previous projects that you can look at on our website, or you can see how amazing our grass is by ordering a sample pack. If you would like to find out more about Perfectly Green and the work we do in Coulsdon, contact us today on 0845 0570777.