Leafy East Grinstead in the Weald of West Sussex lies on the Greenwich Meridian, close to the border of East Sussex, Surrey and Kent. This historic town is surrounded by beautiful countryside yet is less than 30 miles to London and only 10 miles from Gatwick Airport. The town boasts many historic buildings, particularly of note, the High Street has one of the longest continuous runs of 14th century timber-framed buildings in England. Just south of East Grinstead sits Ashdown Forest, which was originally a Norman deer hunting forest but in the last century has become famous as the forest on which A.A. Milne’s 100 Acre Wood is based.

East Grinstead is quite a large town with a population of over 23,000. It is an easy commute to London; there is a direct train line, and many residents drive to nearby Crawley or Tunbridge Wells for work. When you’re busy out at work all day it can be hard to maintain your garden, which is where artificial grass comes in. Perfectly Green’s natural-look synthetic turf is ideal as a replacement for a real lawn. It’s much more low maintenance, as there’s no mowing, watering or fertilising to worry about. When you come home after a long day, your immaculate lawn will greet you as a relaxing place to enjoy a glass of wine.

Artificial grass is also ideal for families. The permeable backing allows rainwater to drain through, meaning that the lawn is dry soon after a rain shower and your children and pets can play outside without getting dirty and bringing muddy footprints back into the house. Dogs will be just as happy to ‘do their business’ on the plastic lawn and it’s really easy to clean. You can even use disinfectant if you wish. Synthetic grass is suitable for use under play equipment, it will draw a close to muddy patches under the swing.

Fake grass is not just for domestic use. It’s equally suited for school and nurseries, residential homes, pub gardens and for municipal landscaping. The only restriction is your imagination. Perfectly Green are based nearby in Uckfield, and they produce high quality artificial grass that is suitable for a wide range of applications. To see the quality for yourself, order a free sample pack today.