Epsom is a market town in Surrey in close proximity to London. The bustling town has a great atmosphere and a colourful history associated with it. Famously, the town is home to the Epsom Derby, which spectators from all over the country flood to see every year. Despite being a busy town, popular with commuters to central London and businesses, Epsom is also known for its relaxing side, notably its many spas.


It’s always nice to be able to relax after a long day at work. At Perfectly Green we can help make this a reality, as we provide artificial grass to locations all over the UK so that even the busiest people can have an amazing garden to relax in.


Our artificial grass comes in a number of great varieties. It is UV stable and requires almost zero maintenance, making it a fantastic option for a wide array of projects, big and small. The fact that it requires so little maintenance makes it a particularly popular choice for older or disabled people, who may desire an attractive garden but would find the stress of toiling in a garden for hours difficult.


It is also a great option for kennels or dog runs, as the grass is completely pet safe and any mess can be washed away with ease. The wide variety of turfing that we offer means it is easy to make exciting play areas for pets to enjoy, that will look great whatever the weather.


The permeable backing on our grass means that rain will drain away, so even in the midst of a temperamental English summer children can play outside without having to wade through puddles or track dirt through the house after. Our PlayTime artificial grass even makes it possible to add grassy hopscotch designs or charming fish or animal designs to your grass area, making it even more inviting to young children.


Whether you are looking for a grassing alternative for your playground, nursery, sports ground or landscaping project, our hardy artificial grass is made to the highest quality in order to withstand the elements and general wear and tear. We have happy customers all over the UK, particularly in Surrey and the South East, and are happy to take on projects, no matter how ambitious!
To see our grass for yourself order a sample pack, or contact us today for more details.