The historic market town of Fareham, south Hampshire has featured in written history since the Norman times when William the Conqueror’s army marched from Fareham Creek towards the ancient English capital city of Winchester. The clay coil on which the town sits lent itself to manufacturing bricks, tiles and chimney pots. In fact, the Royal Albert Hall in London was constructed from Fareham red bricks. Now, the main economic activity is retail; Fareham does have a wide range of shops, some of which are housed in the Georgian buildings lining the High Street.

Living in Fareham has many benefits including a train link to London and other major cities, including Southampton and Portsmouth, ideal for commuting to work. It’s also handily located near the M27. When you commute to work, as many people do, the time you spend at home with your family is precious so it’s good to find ways to maximise this time. Those lucky enough to have outside space can enjoy being out in the fresh air, the children can let off steam and you can laze in the sun with a book. Unless you’re a keen gardener, maintaining your garden can be a real chore. But there is a solution. You can enjoy a green, manicured lawn by laying artificial grass. Synthetic turf requires very little maintenance and is both child and pet friendly. The rain drains neatly through the perforations, preventing the buildup of puddles and allowing the grass to dry pretty quickly after a rain shower. This means that your kids can play outside all year round and you don’t have to worry about them churning up the lawn or bringing muddy footprints into the house.

Fake grass is not just suitable for home and gardens. It’s perfectly at home in schools, nurseries, municipal areas, and anywhere really that you want it as it’s so versatile. To create a safe play area for children in a school or nursery, you can cover an area of asphalt playground, or replace a tired, muddy area, turning it into a vibrant, green space where children can play to their heart’s content. To enhance the safety element, we can install shock pads underneath, which increase the critical fall height.

For all applications, Perfectly Green artificial grass offers a premium product to meet your needs. To see the quality for yourself, order a free sample pack today.