The City of Nottingham and the urban area that surrounds it creates the nine largest urban area in the UK. The city dates back to Saxon times when it was known as Snotingaham, meaning the homestead of Snot’s people. Snot was the Saxon ruler of the area in the 7th century AD. One of the most famous Briton’s associated with Nottingham is, of course Robin Hood. Nottingham is famous around the world for lace-making, and the bicycle and tobacco industries. The lace industry contributed much of the great architecture that remains today. Nottingham is home to two universities and, subsequently, a large student population.

Perfectly Green is an artificial grass manufacturer that also provides a full installation service in and around the Nottingham area. Synthetic grass is a viable alternative to the real thing because it looks so natural and features many more benefits besides. One of the main positive points about choosing plastic turf is that it doesn’t require much maintenance at all. Being artificial, of course there is no need to mow, water or fertilise it. Perfectly Green artificial grass is UV stable so won’t fade in the sun. It will remain green for many years to come. It is suitable for gardens, commercial settings, schools and sports facilities.

Fake grass is perfect for student houses as landlords don’t need to worry about students maintaining the garden. Most students are unlikely to cut the grass, which usually results in a back garden that resembles a jungle and it can cause the neighbours to complain. With an artificial lawn, the garden will look neat and tidy for years to come, seeing you through several sets of tenants.

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