Royal Tunbridge Wells is a large town nestled in the beautiful Weald of Kent, which has a long history of hop-picking and ale-brewing. The town’s popularity was born from the 17th century discovery of the Chalybeate Spring, which saw the town competing with Bath and Brighton as the place for Georgian gentry to holiday. The modern day Tunbridge Wells is a popular place to live with it’s elegant architecture and independent shops, cafes and restaurants. Just over 30 miles to London and only one hour from London Charing Cross Station, Tunbridge Wells is a favourite with commuters looking to enjoy the best of both worlds, proximity to London yet surrounded by countryside.

Busy homeowners living in Tunbridge Wells may like the idea of spending time in their garden but may not have the hours required to maintain their garden to allow it to reach it’s full potential. A lawn takes a lot of work to keep it green and free from moss and weeds. If you’re part of a busy professional couple or family you may prefer the idea of simply enjoying your garden rather than toiling in it. There also comes a time in your life when gardening can become more difficult. If this is the case, artificial grass could be for you.

Artificial grass is not Astroturf™, it looks and feels very natural, and takes close inspection to be distinguished from the real thing. In addition to the lack of maintenance required, there are many other benefits to synthetic turf. Your neighbours will covet your beautiful, healthy-looking lawn that’s green all year round. The UV stable plastic lawn will remain perfectly green for years to come. Our artificial grass is child and pet friendly, offering a safe place for the whole family to play. The permeable backing allows rainwater to soak away, leaving your fake lawn free from puddles and muddy patches. To see the quality of our artificial grass for yourself request a sample pack now.