Banstead is a combination of rural countryside and easy access to London. As unbelievable as it sounds, Banstead is a small, charming town/village, surrounded by countryside – largely unspoilt by its close proximity to the capital. Whether Banstead is a town or a village is a matter of some debate but regardless, Banstead combines the characteristics of both. The centre of the town is known as Banstead Village and features a broad mix of the most popular chain stores alongside more independent shops, restaurants and cafes.


Perfectly Green supply artificial grass to Banstead and locations all over the South of England. Despite its defiant stance on maintaining its label as a village, there are few that would deny that Banstead continues to be a developing environment, with a growing number of facilities improving the lifestyles of its inhabitants. Artificial grass serves a huge number of purposes in towns/villages like Banstead including; sports grounds, nurseries, playgrounds and landscaping projects.


Our artificial grass is made using advanced machinery to create grass which is almost indistinguishable from natural grass, but provides a number of additional advantages. These include; being able to withstand high amounts of wear, weather resistance and a porous backing which means even the ill effects of the British summer can’t dampen spirits for long. We have completed various projects, big and small, all over the UK, and are ready to tackle new and exciting ones no matter how ambitious. It isn’t just public facilities that our grass is suited to, however. Its low maintenance nature and high quality, means that it is perfectly suited to domestic situations, as well.


Rather than travelling out of your house to the Banstead Downs to enjoy attractive greenery, our artificial grass means that even homeowners with the most demanding of lives can have a garden that looks great all year around. Our hardy grass is perfect for children, as it is as soft as normal grass and resistant to damage. It can also make the perfect choice for elderly or disabled homeowners in Banstead, who may find conventional garden maintenance difficult.  


Whether you are looking for a low maintenance grassing solution for your house, facility or landscaping project, we are ready to help you achieve it. Contact us today and order on of our sample packs to see our artificial grass for yourself.