Beckenham is a large town which belongs to the London borough of Bromley. Before the arrival of the town’s train stations it was part of Kent, and this is readily apparent throughout the town. Though the town has great transport links to the centre of the capital and has some of the bustle of London, at heart it remains a Kent village. Because of this mixture of nature and accessibility, Beckenham has become a very desirable location for businesses and homeowners alike. Perfectly Green are proud to be one of the biggest artificial grass suppliers in the town, providing high quality synthetic grass to customers all across the area and across the wider South of England.


Artificial grass can be a great option for people who want a high quality garden or grassy look which requires very little maintenance. Just an occasional brush to remove any debris is all it takes to keep our grass looking its best. Its permeable backing means that children or pets can enjoy playing outside all year round, without fear of damaging the grass or tracking muddy footprints through the house.


For domestic situations in can be a great way for people to get the garden they want, despite their busy lifestyles. It is a fantastic option for older people or people with disabilities, who want a beautiful garden but who might find gardening difficult. Perfectly Green provide a number of varieties of artificial terrain which looks just like the real thing. We use superior methods for creating our plastic turf, and it’s only on close inspection that you realise that the grass is fake.


Artificial grass can be used in a huge number of situations, including schools, landscaping and even dog runs and commercial kennels. It is completely safe for pets, and our furry friends are just as happy to run around and do their business on fake grass. Plus, it’s really easy to clean up after.

No project is too big or too small for Perfectly Green. For any artificial grass projects in Beckenham, we are happy to help. To see our artificial grass for yourself, just order one of our free sample packs.