Burgess Hill is a civil parish and town located in the district of West Sussex. The town is close to Brighton and Hove and borders on the edge of the South Downs National Park. Though the town started as a small settlement with ties dating back to the 14th Century, Burgess Hill has grown into a bustling town with over 30,000 inhabitants.


Burgess Hill contains a number of quality amenities and shopping services which are often used by neighbouring villages. Burgess Hill is also home to a number of large international and national business, and houses a number of business parks.


Transport links between London and Brighton, on which Burgess Hill sits, means that the town is an attractive accommodation choice for commuters and homeowners looking to get away from larger cities. Although the town features a wide range of shopping, sporting and recreational facilities, one of the notable draws for locals is the bordering nature reserve and outstanding scenery of the surrounding countryside.


Though the countryside may make an outstanding retreat for the homeowners and locals in the area, it is always nice to own a natural place of your own to spend time. For those fortunate enough to have a garden, it is something that is usually appreciated, but for those who are older, disabled, or find little time to tend the garden due to scheduling limitations, having an attractive garden can be difficult.


Perfectly Green provide artificial grass for locations like Burgess Hill and others all over the UK. For both domestic, recreational and public facilities artificial grass can have many benefits. Due to it being low maintenance and resistant to increased wear, it can be a great choice for animals, children and adults alike, and our many varieties can be used in limitless situations.


Burgess Hill is in the process of a big revitalisation, with many new facilities and exciting events planned each year. For new facilities which want to use the appearance of natural grass, almost indistinguishable from the real thing, but without all of the maintenance associated, Perfectly Green’s artificial grass can be an attractive and, importantly, cost-effective alternative.


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