One glance at Cobham and you could be forgiven for thinking that it is a place where not much happens. You would only be half right. Cobham is a peaceful scenic village in Surrey, but is not without its fair share of history, culture and attractions.


Cobham’s history can be traced back to the Iron Age, and you can still see remnants of its past in buildings around the town. Not least the tranquil Painshill, which has drawn visitors including Prince Charles to its scenic gardens and unique 18th century follies.


Cobham is a very popular destination for homeowners, and many residents choose to commute to London for work. With the highly demanding lifestyle that many people experience, it can be hard to find the time to perform the maintenance needed to have a garden that you can be proud of and enjoy. Perfectly Green provide high quality artificial grassing which helps homeowners all over the UK get the garden that they desire.


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Cobham has worked hard to cultivate the charming atmosphere of the town, which now appeals to people of all ages. It is a very popular location for homeowners, particularly families, and the community has put a strong emphasis on providing locations for the children of the town to play. Artificial grass is also a great option for this function, as it is incredibly hardy and can withstand all the stress of playing children, without showing damage.


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