Dorking is a market town in Surrey. It is nestled in the valley of Pipp Brooks, a mere 21 miles from London. Dorking is an ideal commuter village due its close proximity to London and three local stations, providing many transport options to neighbouring cities. This, combined with the fact that Dorking is surrounded by prime British countryside, makes it an endlessly enviable property choice.


Dorking has an array of major businesses, but has managed to retain its strong personalised character. Just one trip around the town’s many restaurants, cafes and famous antique shops is enough to demonstrate that Dorking is a town very much invested in protecting its individuality.


Given the town’s popularity with commuters and the busy market lifestyle it can be difficult for many home owners to dedicate the time needed to maintain an attractive garden. Perfectly Green provide artificial grass to locations all over the UK to help them to achieve this ambition by providing a low maintenance alternative to grass gardens.


A 2011 census revealed that around 14% of the Dorking population suffer from a disability, and around 20% of the total population aged 65+. These demographics can really benefit from artificial grass as it enables anyone to have a low maintenance garden, unaffected by weather or season.


You no longer have to travel to the nearby Box Hill park or out of your home to have fun outdoors. Our artificial grass is made using top quality materials so that it feels comfortable underfoot, and can only be told apart from real grass under close inspection. Our artificial turf also requires remarkably little maintenance, which means that it is a fantastic option, not just for local properties, but also for sports and play areas in Dorking.


Dorking has a lot of popular golf courses in the area, as well as a local leisure centre and countless of scope for scenic countryside bike trips. Artificial grass is also a great option for sporting facilities, as it is remarkably hardy and can withstand the wear of use. This makes it a great investment for these projects.


No matter the scale of your project, from small domestic situations, to larger landscaping or sporting projects, Perfectly Green are perfectly poised to help you achieve your goals.
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