Horsham is a small market town in West Sussex, with a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. Over 50 medieval buildings remain in the town today, and there is also a wealth of superb shopping spots, cafes and markets which make it a popular destination for homeowners and tourists alike. Horsham is also within close proximity to London with easy transport connections, which makes it an equally popular residential area for commuters.  


Perfectly Green provide artificial grass to Horsham and other locations all over the South of England. With its low maintenance benefits and great quality, it is well suited to a number of applications in towns like Horsham, from garden alternatives to sporting grounds.


Sports plays a big role in the town, which has dedicated hockey, gymnastics, football, rugby and cricket clubs, who play regularly. Artificial grass is not just a great alternative to natural grassed sporting grounds, it is a cost effective one. Whereas conventional grassing gets worn away and damaged by consistent play, artificial grass stands up to wear and tear and remains attractive, no matter how many seasons of heavy use it sees.


In domestic situations, artificial grass is also well suited. 85% of the Horsham area is rural, so it can be easy to see why having attractive gardens would be of great importance to inhabitants of the area. Unfortunately, due to busy work schedules, demanding lifestyles and physical impairments, maintaining a garden can be incredibly difficult. According to a survey by the Government, there are currently around 37,000 people living in Horsham who are over the age of 60. This demographic can greatly benefit from the low maintenance nature of artificial grass, which allows homeowners to have attractive gardens all year round – with artificial grass being almost indistinguishable from real grass.


From animal facilities to attractive landscaping choices, there are a huge number of potential applications for artificial grass. No matter the size or scope of your ambitions, Perfectly Green are happy to help.


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