Lewes is a country town in the centre of rural Sussex. Surrounded on all sides by beautiful countryside, Lewes is a charming, scenic place with plenty to love. The town has a rich history, with buildings and influences dating back to Roman, Saxon and even Prehistoric dwellers! This mix of historic influences is apparent all over the town, not least the iconic Lewes Castle which overlooks it. Lewes was traditionally a market town; this is a tradition that is still prevalent in the area, which holds markets selling a delightful mix of British produce and handcrafts. Despite its strongly preserved roots in history, Lewes has become a communications hub in recent years and developed a strong tourism industry.


Perfectly Green are proud to provide artificial grass to Lewes and locations all over the South of England. Lewes has continued to develop as a modern town, and the tourism industry has meant that more people are being drawn to the beauty of the area than ever before. Artificial grass can come in handy in dozens of different capacities in locations like Lewes, including nurseries, sports centres, golf courses and kennels.


Artificial grass is a fantastic choice for sporting or play environments as it is incredibly hardy, and resistant to the normal wear and tear that would damage typically grassy play areas. Perfectly Green have helped to complete projects of both small and large scale all over the UK. No matter how ambitious your needs, we are happy to help you succeed in them. Artificial grass isn’t just used for public and industrial capacities however, it is also a great option for homeowners that want fantastic gardens but lack the time, or find it difficult to give the attention and care that natural gardens require.


Over a quarter of the population of Lewes is over 65, and for this age group, having a scenic garden and maintaining it can be difficult. Our artificial grass comes in a number of varieties and looks incredibly realistic, (often it is only upon close inspection that people can tell it is fake) meaning that no matter the season or weather, you can have a lovely garden.


With a town like Lewes, which is slowly developing whilst staying true to its historic roots, artificial grass can be a great way of providing new places where locals and tourists can enjoy for years to come. When it comes to homeowners, Perfectly Green can help bring that little, much appreciated touch of green to those who find their time limited by the bustle of life.


Our artificial grass is made with the latest technology and built to a high standard. If you want to see if for yourself, contact our team today to order a sample.