Lingfield is a parish village in Surrey. It is most well known for its horse racing at Lingfield Park. It is a charming village, besotted with characteristic pubs, beautiful scenery, and a rich history dating back to the Anglo Saxons. The are a number of historic landmarks in the village, including a medieval church, the cage (a Tudor period punishment cage) and St Peter’s Cross. Lingfield has a number of popular pubs, including ‘the Old Cage’ which was built in 1592. Recently the area has also had a small business park and a number of sporting facilities added also.


Perfectly Green provide artificial grass to Lingfield and locations all over the South of England. Our artificial grass can be used for a huge number of facilities, including both domestic, public and commercial applications.


In Lingfield over 25% of the population is aged 60 or over, and this demographic can really benefit from artificial grass. Conventional grass can be time consuming and difficult to maintain for some people, but artificial grass requires relatively no upkeep and will look good whatever the weather.


Lingfield is famous for its horse racing facilities and sporting environments, and livestock faculties are another area where artificial grass can be a great choice. Where conventional grass might be worn down by frequent activity, our grass is almost indistinguishable aesthetically but can withstand much more.


All of our artificial grasses come with a latex backing which allows water to drain away, and are completely pet friendly. We have completed a number of projects in kennels and other animal habitats, owing to the fact that our artificial grass provides a low maintenance, hardey environment for pets to play.


Whether you are on the lookout for an aesthetically pleasing landscaping choice, an easy to maintain garden or a sporting area which will look great whatever the weather, Perfectly Green are on hand to help. No matter how big or small your project, we can help you reach your goal.


Check out our previous work here, or order one of our sample packs to see our grass for yourself.