Reigate is a town in Surrey with a rich history and charming atmosphere. There is evidence of the area dating back to the Bronze Ages, and there are still visible signs of the Anglo Saxon and medieval British communities that once called the town home. One of the most notable attractions in the town is the ruined Reigate Castle which is a fantastic relic of King William I’s reign. The town, whilst includes all the amenities of modern England, maintains its individualistic nature through its long standing weekly markets and quirky independent stores.


Reigate has received a lot of popularity from homeowners, especially commuters, due to its fantastic transport links to London and its rural environment. With such fantastic surrounding countryside it is easy to see why owning an attractive garden is well sought after. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, it can be a difficult goal for some. Perfectly Green provide artificial grass which is the ultimate solution to this problem, providing a low maintenance alternative to conventional lawn, which is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.


Many of Reigate’s inhabitants are proud pet owners, and they’re another popular recipient of our artificial grass. By using advanced technology we are able to produce artificial turf which is incredibly hardy and weather resistant, and the foam backing means that furry friends won’t track water through the house either.


Reigate has a number of exciting projects of expansion planned for the years ahead, including a number of housing developments planned in and around the surrounding area. With these new developments there will likely also be a number of new facilities to cater for the increasing population. Our artificial grass has been used to help in a number of different projects including; nurseries, playgrounds, sports centres and kennels.


Our artificial grass comes in a wide range of varieties and is the perfect way of bringing the Surrey countryside to your home, facility or project. Its low maintenance nature makes it a great, cost effective way of providing a place which looks great and will remain in prime condition no matter the weather or use.


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