Sevenoaks is a town located in western Kent, and is just southeast of London. Sevenoaks has a rich history in England, with records dating back to earlier than the 13th century. Examples of this can be seen in lots of the older houses and attractions in the area, including the beautiful National Trust property of Knole and the nearby Hever Castle.

Though the town has built up dramatically over the years and now has a population of around 29,000, it still contains a living example of the natural, scenic environment which Kent is famous for. The glorious Knole Park is found just southeast of the town, which allows visitors the chance to not only visit the stunning Knole House, but the opportunity to walk side by side with the local deer population. With such spectacular surrounding greenery, it is only natural that people would want a degree of it in their own homes. Unfortunately, with some people’s demanding lifestyles or lack of mobility due to a disability or old age, this goal can be understandably difficult.

Perfectly Green provides the perfect response with our artificial grass, which enables people all around the country to have a stunning garden, without garden toil. Don’t be put off by its artificial nature; our grass is the highest quality around and it is often only under close inspection that people are able to recognise that it is fake.

Sevenoaks has a very active community, with several schools, sports centers and parks in the area. These can easily benefit from artificial grass due to it being remarkably tough. This means that no matter how much use it sees, it will keep looking good for years after standard grassing would be worn or damaged.

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