Sutton is a principal town in the South of London. It is a built up area, popular with a lot of large businesses, and with good transport connections which makes it popular with commuters. With one of the largest libraries in the London Borough and a number of the larger schools in the area, many families choose to buy properties in Sutton.


The name Sutton is formed from Old English, meaning ‘south farm’, and though Sutton has built up significantly over the years the industrial complexes and shopping districts can do little to mask the town’s rural roots. Tudor houses, beautiful parks and winding rivers are all blended with the urban areas of Sutton in a way that is distinct to the county. Perfectly Green make it possible for even the smallest and the most built up of areas to bring a piece of the iconic Sutton countryside vibe into their home through our low maintenance artificial grass.


Sutton station is the town’s major train station and provides passengers rail access to several key London stations, including Victoria, London Bridge and St Pancras International. With such advantageous transport links it is easy to see why a number of the town’s population commute to various inner city workplaces. The downside to busy work lives is that it often leaves very little time to keep garden areas looking maintained, especially in the winter months.


Perfectly Green offers the perfect solution to those looking for a low maintenance alternative to natural grass that is so high quality, it is only under close inspection that most will be able to tell that it is fake. Sutton is filled with people from every industry in back ground, but artificial grass can fulfill a number of functions, whether it is child play areas, dog homes or a low maintenance grass alternative for elderly or disabled people.


We offer a range of synthetic turf, made using superior methods, for use in a huge variety of projects. To see our artificial grass for yourself, just order one of our free sample packs.