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Can I install artificial grass on a slope?

Posted on: 10th May, 2013

Artificial grass really is a versatile product, and it is often surprising just how many occasions it can be used. Our recent artificial grass installation in East Grinstead, Sussex dealt the boys a challenging task of not only having an odd shape to work with, but also having a natural slope that couldn’t be dug away.

With a simple shallow gradient to a back garden, it can often be easiest to simply level the land, or even to leave the gradient there to assist with drainage. However, with this East Grinstead artificial grass job that simply wasn’t a viable option as you can see from the pictures below. The proof is right there though for any people wondering if fake turf can be installed on sloping land, it certainly can and it looks great too!

As well as showing that artificial grass can be installed on a slope, this was an interesting job for a couple of other reasons. It turned out on speaking with the client that they had had some trouble over the years growing a natural lawn. You can see from the ‘before’ pictures in the gallery below that the natural grass is patchy in places. Closer inspection revealed weeds and moss amongst the blades that really hindered any chance of a vibrant natural lawn. Our client, prior to speaking with Perfectly Green, had spent thousands of pounds over the years in an effort to kick some energy into the lawn, but with poor natural drainage underneath it was always going to be a losing battle.

Enter artificial grass! Of course, fake turf is never going to have a problem with growth and represents a great solution to those struggling to grow a natural lawn. With the addition of a suitable sub-base, the Perfectly Green team have actually been able to improve the drainage of the garden area, preventing any nasty patio puddles building up over the rainy months that we have so many of!


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