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Leisure Colours Steal The Show In New Playground Installation

Posted on: 27th September, 2019

A recent install for a school in Birmingham saw Leisure Colours making a playful and colourful area for the children. The black and green artificial grass colours emulated a race track, creating a soft and safe space for children to use peddle cars, remote control toys or to play running based games. By making the outdoor fun and innovative, it enables an inspirational space for children to play.

Installed by one of our approved agents AGI, the choice of using artificial grass instead of thermoplastic line markings, transformed the children’s playground entirely. Artificial grass is much more flexible that thermoplastic line markings, as they only allow for lines. Artificial grass allows for the infill of colour and the softness on the surface.
Underneath the artificial grass, they also installed our 10mm playpad, which acts as an underlay. Pre-punched to allow for drainage, this helped to further achieve the softness of the surface area whilst also decreasing the chance of the artificial grass sinking into the ground over time.

We have a wide range of artificial grass colours specially for educational environments. The quality allows for all outdoor applications and indoors. We even have a range of ‘Playtime Artificial Grass’, grass that has been pre-made into shapes, animals or games such as hopscotch, that integrates seamlessly with our surrounding artificial grass products. Even if you do not wish to install the colours as part of the play area design, the colours can be used to create school logos, house shields or branding.

We are currently looking to expand our installation agents in the education sector, if you’d like to work with us fill in our free trade sample pack here



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