Using Perfect Base Panel System for Landscaping Installations

A new and innovative product to assist landscapers installing artificial grass.

Depending on ground and soil type a general rule of thumb is a turf excavation of 50-75mm depth. Then wacker plate the soil and level with 20mm of Grano Dust. Compact again and ensure any low spots are dealt with. Level needs to be +\- 5mm. Put 1500 Terram over the base area. When installing the panels, you can either install in line or cross over to give further stability on joins. Where possible trim the clip off the outer panel perimeter to give an edge and to save cut loss use the cut clip on the other side to create 2 edges with no cut loss. As you can see from the examples below timber has been set into the ground to create a border and retain the panels and grass. The artificial grass can be glued to the panels around the perimeter or pinned using a compressed air gun with steel nails. The jobs shown took just a day.

Epsom – 40m2 of Perfect Base Panels and Artificial Grass

Petersfield – 60m2 of Perfect Base Panels and Artificial Grass


The advantages are reduced excavation in most cases, reduced aggregate required, improved drainage, better solution for pet owners where urine can be washed away through the drainage channels as it doesn’t stay in the conventional base material, creating a smell (Envirofill premium infill can also be brushed into the artificial grass to deodourise dog urine).

In many cases Perfect Base is an ideal way to reduce time, cost, overcome access issues and reduce the need to manage large quantities of aggregate.

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