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Perfect Playtime at Lyndhurst

Posted on: 18th June, 2012

Lyndhurst School in Worthing, West Sussex approached us with the task of reinvigorating their tired outdoor play area. Knowing that the benefits of artificial grass would give them an outdoor play area that can be used all year round, with minimal mud and mess brought back into the classroom allowed the staff at Lyndhurst to really push their own creativity to landscape a school play area that looks great and really keeps the kids entertained and active!

From a technical point of view, this was a job our artificial grass installation team could really sink their teeth into. With a total area around the 200 square metre mark, and a huge taskf of removing around 28 tonnes worth of soil, the boys did a brilliant job to get the whole thing completed in only 1 week. Installed over the Easter break, this meant that when the kids came back to school it was to a stunning new fake grass play area that as luck would have it was just in time for the pleasant weather we’re all now enjoying!

You can see from the pictures below that although there were some simple large areas to turf, many of the areas had to be cut to shape around the existing outdoor furnishings and trim. Not least of all was laying perfectly around the giant wind chimes. Its this level of skill that we believe (without blowing our own trumpet too much!) really separates our install team from the rest.

Of course I also have to mention the inclusion of the hopscotch image from the Perfectly Green Playtime range. Made from Perfectly Green Soft yarn, the playtime range offers a real playground feel to an artificial lawn just like the chalk drawings on tarmac that we all used to enjoy – but of course without the grazed knees! Each Playtime shape is laid separately from the fake turf that surrounds it, but our installation team skillfully lay the fake grass around the shape, joining it perfectly flush with the edges to give a real seemless look and you’ve got to agree that it really does look great!

The Lyndhurst installation used our Norfolk artificial grass product, which you can see more of here as well as order free artificial grass samples.

Perfect Playtime at Lyndhurst 02 Perfect Playtime at Lyndhurst 01

Perfect Playtime at Lyndhurst 05

Perfect Playtime at Lyndhurst 08


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