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Perfectly Autumn

Posted on: 05th October, 2015

Yes, it’s that time of year again; the leaves have started turning orange and brown and  dawn is bright but cold. Can anything be better than a crisp autumnal morning down in the South East?

We tend to be quite lucky with weather, between Kent, Sussex and Surrey we don’t have as many extreme shifts in temperature as some areas of the UK. We also get to enjoy a higher share of sun, as suggested on Eastbourne’s signage it reads: ‘The Sunshine Coast Welcomes You’! Happy Days.

However, as John Snow would say “Winter is coming”,  and it’s affects are inescapable, even for us in the south. And we all know the havoc it will cause to your garden. The barrage of cold and wet weather coupled with the fact we want to spend less time outside maintaining our garden, means our once beautifully lush green garden turns to a mulchy muddy mess, not to mention adding kids or animals to the mix.

With artificial grass, it’s a totally different matter. Our artificial grass is engineered to cope with the drainage needed for average rainfall and snowstorms, and although in extreme rain showers some rain will also run straight from the top of the surface, just as it would with a natural lawn, it won’t affect the colour or density to your perfectly laid lawn once it drains away. So, even in the dark winter months, your lawn will look more like a freshly cut Wimbledon court rather than a well warn rugby pitch.


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