At Perfectly Green we are constantly striving to innovate and bring exceptional, unique artificial grass products to the trade and end users. We are very excited to introduce Perfectly Green Striped Artificial Grass…

Key information and unique features:


When looking into the pile of the grass the right hand stripe is always the darker stripe while the left hand stripe is lighter green. Therefore, where rolls are joined the sequence of light, dark, light can be maintained.

Rolls Widths – 2m and 4m

Roll lengths – max 25m but cut rolls available, just tell us how long

Pile Height – 42mm

Blade Shape – Diamond for great ‘spring back’ qualities

Manufacturing Process – Tufting, 5/8″

Primary Backing – Woven PP, UV Stablised

Stitches – 13,860 per m2

Pile Weight – 1,450 g/m2

Total Weight – 2,450 g/m2

Perfectly Green Striped Artificial Grass is pet, child and environment friendly, very soft and durable, guaranteed for 10 years

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