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How to plan your garden redesign

Posted on: 09th May, 2017

When it comes to planning the redesign of your garden, whether small or large, it can seem a daunting yet exciting task. There are many aspects to consider, meaning  that it can easily become overwhelming – and seem expensive.

When designing your garden, the majority of the time you will be focused on your main feature – which is most likely going to be your lawn. This alone can be tough to look after.

Do you keep it the same, reduce or enlarge your lawn area, create a new shape, get rid of it or completely overhaul it and start again? Well, we can help with those decisions.


A complete fresh start to your lawn can work wonders for the whole of your garden. If you want all the fun bits of a lawn but not the upheaval of looking after one, it’s worth thinking  about artificial grass.

Artificial grass isn’t difficult to fit when the area is properly prepared and the right measurements taken. No matter what shape you want your lawn to be, artificial grass is always a great option, and will suit all your needs, shapes and designs. It will allow you those few extra minutes to really enjoy your garden, without the worry of tending to your lawn. It can make the smallest of gardens look incredible, with no weeding, brown patches or watering for you to worry about. Plus, you can enjoy it year round, as it won’t turn into a muddy mess come winter!

Artificial lawns have developed greatly since their first introduction, with many types to choose from. They are even pet and child friendly too, and look so perfect all year round. But be warned, your neighbours may become jealous at the sight of your perfect, luscious green artificial lawn!


Once you have decided on your lawn, next you could look at whether you would like flower beds – and if these should be ground level or raised. They help to make any garden attractive, especially in summer, when you have the sweet smell of flowers as you walk past, as well as helping wildlife too.

Adding hedges and small trees is always a good idea; it helps to draw your eye upwards and adds dimension and privacy to your garden, creating shade and a perfect backdrop for your plants. Don’t forget to take into consideration your soil type and whether it is a sunny or shady spot, as some flowers prefer more acidic and well drained soils to alkaline, and full sun rather than shade.


You patio area is another big feature of your garden, and is a key part in  turning your garden from standard to spectacular with just a few changes. The sort of furniture you have makes a big impression on both you and your guests. You want something you can relax in, dine on and that will last a long time. Adding pots of fresh smelling herbs or flowers amongst your patio will also add dimension, colour and attractive smells.

Think of your garden as an extension or another room to your house. Even divide it up – so, for example, the lawn can be the play area for your children, which is bordered by your flower beds, and the patio your grown up segment to the garden, where you can sit and relax after a busy day.

Beautiful gardens

Think back to gardens you have seen and enjoyed walking round, especially ones found in stately homes. Imagine how you could incorporate something similar but on a smaller scale to your garden. For example, if they had hedging dictating the borders to their classically designed gardens, then why not add box hedging to the borders of your flower beds? It will help to show where the flowerbeds start against your lawn, and help make them look tidy too.


Remember to keep interest year round, so your garden can not only look good during each season, but also to support wildlife throughout the year too. It is even more worthwhile when you have an artificial lawn, so that you can use and enjoy your garden all year. There are thousands of different types of flowers that bloom at different times of the year, so do your research and you can be out playing on your artificial lawn with your children during the middle of the winter, without the worry of muddy shoes and clothes.

If you’re thinking about redesigning your garden, why not take a look at our catalogue of artificial lawns? They’re a great way to help give your garden a fantastic focal point, as well as giving you back the time to enjoy your garden.

For more information please feel free to contact one of our bubbly and helpful team members.


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