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Revolutionary Base System for Sport, Play & Leisure Areas

Posted on: 07th January, 2018

The intention is simple. To supply the most versatile base system in the world!

The benefits are significant:

  • to minimise installation time
  • to save money by reducing preparation

Note: Perfect Base should always be installed with a sufficient gap around the perimeter to allow for panel expansion in warm conditions.

What are the issues?


Initially assess the sites suitability, considering the key panel advantages… great drainage, quick installation, temporary or semi permanent installation, minimal base preparation. It should be noted the panels are less ideal in certain situations where more preparation is required, basically any location where extensive groundworks are required – for example very soft ground conditions, split level sites, sites with extreme slopes that need leveling.

Site access needs to be considered for initial site clearance, for sub-base preparation, for panel delivery, and for carpet installation. How close is lorry access to the point of installation? How wide is the access route? Are there any steps on the access route? Weight limit of the access route surface. The ideal scenario is for Perfect Base panels to be moved by hand from point of delivery to the installation location.

Measure the area to be covered with panels. If fitting into an existing space with apparently square corners these should be checked to ensure they are square as even a small discrepancy can become significant over a long distance and may result in more panels being required or an increase in cut-loss.

Site Preparation

It’s important that the base is solid and stable with consideration given to the height of the finished surface required. To achieve this it may or may not be necessary to remove the natural grass sod. Removal of the natural or existing top surface should be done in a way that maintains a suitable base level. Removal of natural sod to leave a flat level base is difficult for even the most skilled operator so it may be necessary to plan for a 2.5cm – 5cm layer of 0-6mm crushed stone or coarse sand to be added. This can be compacted, leveled and smoothed using appropriate techniques/equipment for the size of area. The sub base should be firm enough to walk on without leaving distinct footprints and surface deviation should be less than 5mm in 2m. Note: for some installations (large areas or where drainage is insufficient) it will be necessary to lay a non-porous membrane allowing water to flow into suitable drainage.

Installing Perfect Base

Measure along the long side of the area to be covered with panels and calculate the number of panels required to cover this edge. Separate this number of panels and prepare them to be trimmed. We refer to this side as the North side. Trim an even 30mm from the male side of all but one of the panels required to go along the north side. Check the NW corner for square corner angle. If square take the first trimmed panel and trim off the other male panel edge an even 30mm. If the corner is less than 90deg again trim 30mm from the remaining male side. If the corner is greater than 90 deg lay out a string line that represents a 90 deg corner and then measure the greatest distance from the string line to the edge of the area to be covered. Add this measurement to the 30mm and then cut this amount from the remaining male side. Spread the first section of heavy grade geotextile along the north edge. Starting in the NW corner place the panel with 2 cut edges leaving 10 mm between the panel and the outside curb. Note: there should always be a gap around the entire perimeter to take account of panel expansion in warm conditions. Click together all the pre cut panels along the north edge.

Orientate the last panel to minimize waste and trim to size. Now the north edge should be completed. Start the second row with panel no2 (this panel will not need trimming) place all the other panels to complete row 2 and then measure and cut the 2 end panels. Repeat this process across the whole area. When approaching the last few rows check the orientation of the panels again to minimize cut loss.

Laying Artificial Grass on Perfect Base

We hope this information is helpful, please contact us if you have any questions.


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