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What Holds down Artificial Grass?

Posted on: 27th January, 2014

Artificial grass is durable and easy to maintain providing a vibrant green space all year round however some people may be daunted by the thought of installing a synthetic lawn. In fact laying plastic grass and ensuring it stays in place couldn’t be simpler.

The artificial grass installation process starts with an infill, depending on the surface you are laying it on – a step that can sometimes be skipped if you’re laying onto an existing solid surface. Fake grass can be placed over most surfaces from wood decking to gravel, but in most instances an infill of Type 1 aggregate can be used to lay a solid foundation for the plastic lawn. Laying this foundation serves two purposes, it creates a perfectly level surface on which to lay the grass – so it looks as good as possible – and it prevents any movement over time. On softer surfaces, such as soil, you may find over time that natural movement of the earth causes sinking and sagging in the turf.

Once your base is laid, the turf itself is secured in place using a. Artificial grass can also be secured with edging by using a timber surround. Its entirely possible to make this an aesthetically pleasing feature to your garden, or you can simply lay it underneath the area you wish to lay the grass onto. The reason why we suggest using timber becomes clear in our next step.

Artificial grass is secured using two methods. Around the outer edge of the plastic lawn, the grass is secured by simply being nailed into the edging – which is why we suggest using a softer timber rather than trying to nail into concrete! In addition, where two lengths of artificial grass need to be attached, a joining strip and glue are used. These two methods in conjuction create a seamless artificial lawn, that is firmly secured to its surround preventing any movement over time.

Installing artificial grass is not only a quick process, but a simple one too, with a small garden taking as little as a few hours of installation work. To find out more about artificial grass installations, please contact our team on 01825 729 259 or email [email protected]. Or alternatively, get in touch with us using the same details if you’re a landscaper interested in adding artificial grass to your service portfolio.

Want to know more about installing artificial grass? Click here to read our artificial grass installation guide.


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