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Why Your Family is Better Off With Artificial Grass

Posted on: 30th October, 2018

Just think about how much of our lives are spent on grass. Everyone loves to walk in cool grass on a summer’s evening, watch the kids play around a sprinkler, or have an outdoor family meal. But grass comes with a price: whether mowing it, weeding it, or picking up after the dog, our enjoyable times in the grass aren’t without a fair amount of labour. In fact, Brits are estimated to spend two whole months of their lives mowing the lawn! For those who love spending time in the grass but who—like most of us—are weary of the hassle and effort required to maintain it, artificial grass is an excellent solution.

Realising the Potential of Artificial Grass

An appreciation for artificial grass has been quietly but steadily growing.  Consider that in one year alone, over four million square metres of artificial grass was installed for landscape and recreational use. It is a rapidly growing market and homeowners are now beginning to realize how artificial grass can make for the perfect family lawn.

The growth in interest is no doubt related to how expansive and technologically advanced artificial grass options have become.  Something like Playtime Designs artificial grass boasts unparalleled durability and will remain vibrant even as kids trample all over it.  Technology like Envirofill and Microban make for a soft & durable surface that will be clean and safe, preventing bacteria and mould from building up on and under the surface.  There are options and combinations of options for every family lawn need.

fake turf garden installation in Langton Green artificial grass project Langton Green - garden Split level lawn and pond

Great Feel and Look

With a virtually endless selection of different colours and shades available, an artificial lawn isn’t just safe and low-maintenance—it looks great, too.  And while artificial grass might not feel exactly like natural grass, it still feels great. Keeping your lawn cool isn’t difficult at all either, since a variety of different temperature control technologies exist, too.  And if the trajectory of artificial grass technology is any indication, it will only continue to get better and better.

Artificial grass is an excellent way to have the best of both worlds.  If you are tired of spending more time maintaining your family lawn than admiring and enjoying it, then it’s time to consider artificial grass.  Without the constant bother of cutting, watering, and maintaining your lawn you can still have a lawn that not only looks great but provides a safe and durable place for the kids and pets to enjoy.

Thanks to Jennifer Dawson for this article.


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