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3 Great Reasons to Use Artificial Turf instead of Natural Grass for Sports

Posted on: 18th April, 2015

There are lots of reasons to choose artificial grass over natural turf, however here are three quick but big ones to get you started…

No more mowing and watering

Typically natural turf sports pitches are used for a few sports throughout the year, though from a maintenance point of view there is no perfect time to use them. During the summer, grass needs mowing and watering (increasing costs and reducing playing time), and during winter rain can lead to boggy areas, dead patches, and mud spots – non of which lead to a great game! Artificial turf has the advantage of being minimal maintenance, with cleaning only required typically on a quarterly basis to ensure the life of the product. There’s no need to mow, water or recover dead patches. It saves time, money, and most importantly means you can use the pitch more.

Inexpensive drainage system

A natural turf water drainage system can cost in the hundreds of thousands of pounds depending on the area, not to mention the cost of relaying the turf above it. It’s simply not effective for the vast majority of playing surfaces across the country. Synthetic turf however is pre-designed with a built-in drainage system that allows water to simply soak through. It drastically reduces the amount of waterlogging on the pitch during wet weather, going so far as to eliminate it entirely.

Utilise your space for so much more

Used in place of hard surfaces such as concrete or tarmac, which are often only suitable for the likes of hockey, basketball or netball, artificial turf increases utilisation of your outdoor space, creating a soft environment perfectly adapted to sports such as football, rugby and tennis. Its uniform length has minimal impact on movement of the ball, creating a natural playing experience whatever your sport.


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