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Safety Play Pad and Shock Pads

When is it important to use shock pads with artificial grass?

Our impact absorbing shock pads provide a protective and cost-effective solution to achieve additional impact absorption and drainage. These benefits are crucial for a variety of projects including for schools and playgrounds. Perfectly Green shock pads are easy to install, supplied in 0.9m x 2.25m tiles - coverage of 2.025sqm per tile. There are three depth options: 25mm, 35mm or 45mm, but they can be used in combination to create a depth of 60mm and 80mm. This enables you to tailor the tiles to suit the critical fall height protection your project requires. Our shock absorbing pads make them extremely popular for use in schools and playgrounds and correct use and installation will greatly reduce the risk of injury to children from trips and falls.

Learn more about Critical Fall Height information when used with Perfectly Green grasses


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Price shown is the sqm price. When placing your order please ensure you have selected the number which matches your sqm requirements. 10mm play pad. Foam underlay. Available in 2m wide rolls, please order in sqm requirements.
£10.95 excl VAT
RRP £10.95 excl VAT
25mm shock pad. Foam tile measuring 2.25m length x 0.9m width x 25mm depth
£33.50 excl VAT
RRP £33.50 excl VAT
35mm shock pad. Foam tile measuring 2.25m length x 0.9m width x 35mm depth
£35.95 excl VAT
RRP £35.95 excl VAT
45mm shock pad. Foam tile measuring 2.25m length x 0.9m width x 45mm depth
£41.95 excl VAT
RRP £41.95 excl VAT

< 1 > 4 Results

Artificial grass tested for Critical Fall Height and other accessories

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