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Aftercare for your artificial grass garden

Remember that artificial grass is LOW maintenance not NO maintenance!

There are a few simple steps that can be taken to ensure your Perfectly Green artificial grass product remains in the best condition for its lifetime. The trick is little and often and with this attitude, you will avoid an unwanted expense of restoring the grass earlier than would have been necessary. Neglecting these simple steps will save you time in the short term but not in the long term! 

Brush the pile

Power brush for artificial grass

Brush the pile regularly

For this step, you will require a stiff brush, leaf blower or preferably a rotating/power brush. Using one of these items regularly will help to rejuvenate any areas that might have flattened slightly. Although artificial grass is now produced with excellent 'spring back' technology for the blades it will need an ocassional brush up. For best results brush into the grass, in the opposite direction to where it is pointing.


Remove leaves


Remove leaves regularly

Leaves and organic debris should be removed from the artificial grass surface regularly. Leaves can break down and fall into the base of the pile, blocking up the pre-punched drainge holes, affecting the permeability of the grass. All you require for this step is again a stiff brush, rake, leaf blower, rotating/power brush. Larger debris can be picked up by hand.




Remove weeds if they appear

All installations should include a weed membrane beneath the grass (or if you have a dog, beneath the actual base) to avoid unwanted weeds. Perfectly Green artificial grass products have drainage holes in the backing to allow for drainage, which is why it is so important for a weed barrier to be placed directly below the grass or the base - you don't want weeds growing up through these holes! However, airborne seeds can drop into the synthetic turf and 'take root' in the pile though these can easily be picked up as required. Should any moss or weeds appear, ensure that only a water-based weed killer is used. Always remember to remove any dead roots or weeds to avoid a build up as mentioned above.




Clean your grass regulalry

Clean your artificial grass as often as you can or as often as required. Most stains can be removed using warm water and washing up liquid along with a brush. For more tricky oil-based marks, you can easily remove them using white spirits and a cloth (always test on a small patch first to ensure that you don’t experience any discolouration of the grass). If you need to clean up animal mess then make sure it is removed as soon as possible, followed by a wash of the area using hot soapy water where necessary or an enzyme cleaner such as Wee Free from Perfectly Green

If chewing gum is dropped on synthetic turf you should use a spray to freeze the offending gum, then pick it off and use nail varnish to remove smaller, stubborn bits! 


Even wear

Garden furniture

Maintain even wear

If you have chairs, tables, toys or any items that remain stationary we always advise moving them around every few weeks, to ensure even wear conditions on the grass and brush the area with a stiff yard brush to stimulate the grass pile and freshen it up. It is quite normal for the grass to sit flatter in these areas than others that do not receive as much use.

    The ‘NEVER’ do checklist:
    • Avoid large and heavy vehicles being parked on the artificial surface for long periods of time.
    • Cigarettes, BBQ’s and Bonfires should never be used near Artificial Grass
    • Mirrors or reflective glass should never be installed near Artificial Grass, the reflected light from the sun will burn the surface
    • Glass and other sharp objects should never be left on the lawn unattended. Other than the obvious risk of causing serious injury to others, it can damage your lawn.
    • The use of improper footwear, such as Football/Rugby Boots, Stilettos or any footwear that is not flat could damage the grass
    • Strong detergents such as bleach should never be used, always use the advised methods
    This is not an exhaustive list but just outlines a few of the main steps to keep your lawn as wonderful as it can be for as long as it can be!
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