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Our range of artificial grass is the most natural looking in the marketplace, and will look the best it can all year round. Replacing your lawn with synthetic grass means less time working, more time relaxing in a garden that looks superb all year round. It doesn’t need mowing, weeding or watering, and fake grass is UV resistant too.

Where is artificial grass used?

Perfectly Green artificial grass is extremely versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere. Traditionally, synthetic turf has been used for sports pitches but it’s now becoming more popular for domestic gardens. A fake lawn can be laid to replace your tired natural grass, brighten up your outdoor space and create the look of a perfectly maintained lawn all year round. Artificial grass can also spruce up your balcony or terrace as it can be laid on top of hard surfaces such as concrete or wood.

Artificial grass is even great for use indoors, where it is becoming increasingly popular for use in commercial settings and for corporate events. Artificial grass is ideal for business shows and exhibitions as it creates a real talking point for your stand and can bring your products to life. A far cry from the tacky plastic grass you used to see at the greengrocers, artificial turf now makes a popular surface for cafe seating areas and shop interiors.

Our synthetic grass is durable and supplied on a porous latex backing that can be cut to any shape and size. The hard wearing nature of fake grass means that it’s perfect for children’s play areas; the kids can play to their heart’s content without getting dirty. The lack of mud means that artificial turf is great around swimming pools and hot tubs as it reduces dirt in the water.

Here at Perfectly Green we can even recreate your logo in artificial grass. Take a look at our work for Crawley Town football club to see just how great this can look!

Homes and Gardens

You can transform your home and garden with artificial grass. Just imagine, no more mowing or watering. Your garden is there for your to enjoy not toil in. At the end of a long week or on a summer’s evening you can simply chill out in your low maintenance garden. Another bonus with a fake lawn is that it can be enjoyed all the year round. The permeable surface allows rain to drain through, allowing the lawn to dry quickly and preventing puddles.

Schools and Nurseries

Artificial grass is an ideal solution for schools and nurseries that require hard wearing surfaces that are low maintenance and provide children with safe areas to play.

Sport, Play, Leisure

Perfectly Green supply and install synthetic grass and turf for many different sporting surfaces. Artificial sports surfaces not only offer all round use and lower maintenance but they go beyond this to provide an innovative solution for modern sport.

Promotions, Events, Exhibitions

Whether it is an imitation garden for a shop or a display at an exhibition, Perfectly Green’s artificial grass can make your promotion unique, without the hassle of maintenance. Fake grass looks very realistic yet, of course, doesn’t require any watering or mowing. It is flexible product that can be installed onto almost any surface, and can be either a temporary or permanent fixture.

Important Note

When planning your artificial grass garden always bear in mind that hot sunlight, reflected and amplified by windows, mirrors and other reflective surfaces, may cause artificial grass to melt or be scorched. Avoid installing artificial grass too close to surfaces which may cause damage. 


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