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Synthetic surfaces for tennis courts

Tennis court made from synthetic surface in back garden
Artificial grass tennis court kit
Tennis court and run off area produced from artificial grass kit

We have 3 fantastic kits to choose from:

PG Champion Tennis Court Kit – Specification Sheet

PG Matchpoint Tennis Court Kit – Specification Sheet

PG Game Tennis Court Kit – Specification Sheet

Synthetic grass tennis courts are a very effective alternative to asphalt or natural grass courts. Artificial grass offers many benefits. Tennis can be played all year round because the drainage in the backing allows for longer outdoor seasons and synthetic grass tennis courts are immediately playable after rain showers, this means that there’s no need to cancel matches due to the poor condition of your tennis court.

Another important consideration for your tennis surface is that artificial grass courts significantly reduce maintenance and costs in the long term because operation and labour needs are far less intensive than natural grass or gravel courts. This makes them ideal for use in many settings, but especially when maintenance would be an issue, for example public parks or private courts. The lines are stitched in and made from the same material from the rest of the court, preventing ‘off’ bounces and the need for regular repainting. Other benefits of synthetic tennis courts include footwear remaining clean and a lower impact on players’ joints.

Artificial grass tennis courts are suitable for clubs, schools, leisure centres, private courts and more. The use of plastic grass as a tennis surface is increasing and large, well-known clubs use artificial grass courts. Synthetic grass is designed to mimic natural turf. It is available in a range of pile heights to suit the game style that you would prefer. The shorter the pile, the faster the game. Artificial grass provides good grip yet allows players to slide to the ball. Fake grass tennis courts can be installed inside, in shaded areas where grass would struggle to grow, and on top of an existing asphalt court.