Homes & Gardens

Transform your home and garden with artificial grass. No more mowing or watering. At the end of a long week or on a summer’s evening, chill out in your low maintenance garden. The permeable surface allows the lawn to dry quickly and prevents puddles.

Schools & Nurseries

Our grass is the ideal solution for schools and nurseries requiring hard wearing surfaces that are low maintenance and provide children with safe areas to play all year round. We can also cut the grass into patterns to spark children’s imaginations.

Urban Landscaping

A splash of green grass livens up a dull, urban space but real grass requires regular cutting and watering to keep it looking good. A beautiful, natural-looking lawn that will be green every day for many years to come.

Safety Play Pad System

Our artificial grass makes one of the best safety surfaces around. Combining our turf with our Safety Play Pad System, we are able to provide a fall-height certified play area surface up to a maximum of 3 metres – ideal for outdoor play areas.


Perfectly Green supply and install synthetic grass and turf for many different sporting surfaces. Artificial sports surfaces not only offer all round use and lower maintenance but they go beyond this to provide an innovative solution for modern sport.

Promotional Use

Whether it is an imitation garden for a shop or a display at an exhibition, Perfectly Green’s artificial grass can make your promotion unique. Use our turf underneath your exhibition to draw attention to it and create a talking point.


When we reach the end of a roll, from time to time there are usable materials still left over. These can be brilliant for small patches in your garden, around the home, for shop displays or even arts and crafts projects.


About artificial grass

Here at Perfectly Green we are proud to offer only the very best, high quality range of artificial grass designed to give the perfect finishing touch to your garden.

Just click the image below to view the Perfectly Green 2019 brochure online

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We have a large selection of different types of natural looking grass for you to choose from that will guarantee your lawn looks green for many years to come, thanks to the UV Stability Warranty. This helps protect your lawn from fading due to the sunlight. Whether the summer months see us going through a drought and hosepipe ban, or come the winter months when a lawn can become muddy and water logged, your artificial lawn will always look immaculate, and with minimal effort.

Jump into the 21st century and wave goodbye to the days of brown patchy lawns, constant weeding or mowing and watering, with the help of one of our beautifully, manicured lawns. Even in winter your lawn will look simply perfect and is still usable, so you can let your children and pets play on it without the fear of muddy footprints in the house.

Our artificial grass is great for everyone, especially for those that struggle to find the time to maintain your gardens. Now you can come home from work, and relax on your lawn without looking at it and counting how many weeds you need to sort out.

Interested? Then take a look at our grass range to see our full list of products. Or, alternatively, get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

There are a huge range of benefits to having an artificial lawn in your garden, including saving time and money. Your lawn can be used for 365 days of the year, with not a single worry about ruining it.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, here are some more benefits:

  • A natural grass alternative
  • No more mowing
  • No more watering
  • No more muddy patches
  • No more weeds
  • No more fertilizers or pesticides
  • High UV resistance, always green
  • No area too large or small
  • Ideal for pets
  • Child safe
  • Hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Save water and time
  • Looks great in all seasons
  • Helps hay fever sufferers
  • Perfect cover for slippery decking
  • And many more…

The perfect accessory to any home, whether thats a house or a rooftop penthouse, artificial grass creates the instant, perfectly manicured lawn year round, and can be used in a number of ways. This include covering an unsightly terrace, or transforming your rooftop garden into a trendy urban oasis for you to relax in during your leisurely weekends. Perhaps your garden is in a shaded spot, and can’t grow grass easily?

For the extra cherry on top, our whole range of grass is both child and pet friendly. This is especially true when placed under children’s play equipment, creating a soft landing area and a patch of lawn that won’t be worn away thanks to those little feet running and skidding along it.

Yes that’s right, artificial turf isn’t just for the home. You can be quirky and use it to brighten up an office break area, or for an office garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one). Want to make a valuable, good first impression to your clients? Then why not lay our grass at the entrance to your office?

Do you work with animals? Then our grass is the perfect partner to any cat or dog kennel. It is easy to keep clean, safe for all animals and looks perfect too. To clean, we’d recommend using a light disinfectant once any mess has been cleared, and then use the hose or a bucket of water to wash away.

Perhaps you want your show stand to stand out from the rest at an event, or perhaps you’d like to be different in your shop and have a lawn as your floor? It will certainly give your customers something to talk about.

Artificial grass is, of course, a match made in heaven for any sport. Our huge range of grass can be used for rugby, tennis, football, hockey, golf, plus many more. Being versatile and pretty much maintenance free, makes this a great alternative for many sport clubs.

We offer only the very best natural looking turf, and we pride ourselves on our high standards – from customer services, right through to installation. We can only achieve this thanks to our knowledgeable, experienced and helpful staff, who are passionate about providing you with the very best in artificial grass.

Your specialist needs and requirements are what we want to meet, and exceed, which is why we only stock the very best range of products, made and designed with you and your needs in mind. If you would like any help or advice regarding any of our products please do not hesitate to email us or call us on 01825 729 259.

Here at Perfectly Green we not only stock a range of fake grass, but we also offer a hassle free installation service, to help give your garden that special new lease of life. Correct preparation and installation is essential to ensuring long lasting, beautiful grass.

Of course, if you’d prefer to install your new lawn yourself, we’re always on hand to offer as much support as you need.

We’re sure you’ve heard of Astro Turf®, but did you know this is simply one early brand? At Perfectly Green, we don’t supply AstroTurf® products, all of our products are part of the Perfectly Green brand and represent excellent quality, with cutting edge technology behind it.

Our products can be used in the same situations as AstroTurf® so just give us a quick call or an email to discuss your requirements, or if you have any questions.

Telephone 01825 729 259
Email: [email protected]
Or click on Contact at the top of the page for our full details.



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