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Which is the best quality artificial grass for you?

We're very proud of our artificial grasses and artificial plant wall panels, the quality materials, afforable prices, and manufacturing techniques which go into each and every one of them. With so much choice available it's vital that potential customers can review the full specification of each product before making their decision to purchase. That's why we've taken the time to provide full access to our specification data.

Proline putting green

Proline artificial putting turf

Practice your game from home

Specification Data Proline Putting Turf

Artificial plant wall panel

Perfect Wall artificial plant panels

Ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use:

  • Home and garden
  • Office and hospitality
  • Events and exhibitions
Specification Data Perfect Wall Panels

Coloured artificial grass

Coloured artificial grass options

For a wide variety of applications:

Specification Data Coloured Grasses

Artificial grass accessories

Artificial grass accessories

A variety of key products for:

  • Artificial grass installation
  • Roll joins and perimeter fixing
  • Critical fall height and cushioning
Specification Data Accessories

Flame Safe artificial grass

Fire rated artificial grass

Fire rated artificial grass for:

  • Homes and roof gardens
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Hospitality and offices
Specification Data Fire Rated Grass

Why Product Specification Sheets are crucial for selecting your artificial grass

Spec Sheet
At Perfectly Green, we provide detailed product specification data sheets to help trade and consumer customers make informed decisions for their artificial grass projects. Whether for playgrounds, schools, gardens, sports pitches, or events, these data sheets are crucial for selecting the best fake grass product.

Playground Projects

For playgrounds, safety and durability are key. Our data sheets detail safety features, pile height, density, and shock absorption, ensuring the synthetic grass meets safety standards and provides a secure, long-lasting play surface.

School Installations

Artificial turf in schools needs to withstand heavy foot traffic and require low maintenance. Our data sheets include information on wear resistance, UV stability, and ease of maintenance, helping schools choose fake turf products that stay pristine and functional all year.

Garden Transformations

Garden projects focus on aesthetics and comfort. Our data sheets offer insights into colour, softness, and pile height, allowing homeowners to select imitation grass that enhances their garden's beauty and feels comfortable underfoot.

Sports Pitches

For sports pitches, performance and resilience are essential. Our specification sheets detail drainage, shock absorption, and traction, ensuring the fake grass, also commonly referred to as as 'astro' or 'astroturf' meets sports demands and provides a safe, high-performing surface.

Event Spaces

Event planners need fake lawn that handles temporary installations and heavy use while looking great. Our data sheets cover installation ease, durability, and visual appeal, helping organisers choose synthetic turf products that perform well under event conditions.
Perfectly Green’s detailed product specification data sheets ensure customers make informed choices, guaranteeing successful installations for playgrounds, schools, gardens, sports pitches, and events. Choose Perfectly Green for quality, reliability, and excellence. Explore our range of artificial products and find the perfect solution for your project today.

Why Choose Perfectly Green?

Since 2007, Perfectly Green has been dedicated to providing top-quality artificial grass and plant wall solutions. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the detailed specification sheets we provide, empowering our customers to make informed decisions and achieve the best results for their projects.

Popular synthetic grass and wall panel products from Perfectly Green

Perfectly Green 2024 brochure

2024 Perfectly Green Product Brochure

High quality artificial grass for:

  • Landscaping, homes, gardens, urban, and commercial
  • Putting greens, sports, schools, and playgrounds
  • Events, exhibitions, and hospitality
View 2024 Perfectly Green Brochure