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Envirofill® makes artificial turf look and feel great. It’s tough enough for any application, and it’s completely safe. Envirofill is made using non-toxic components. No wonder it’s the favourite of landscape experts for everything from playgrounds and putting greens to residential lawns and pet areas. Envirofill is a superb preventative product and should be applied when an artificial lawn is first installed. Regular cleaning should also be undertaken, ideally using an enzyme cleaner, to keep your lawn hygienic and clean.

Why Envirofill?


Dog sitting on artificial grassEnvirofill® is composed of naturally occurring sand found only in the Hickory Formation of central Texas. Its highly-rounded quartz core resists compression so it doesn’t continue to compact over the life of your lawn, promoting better drainage

Inhibits pet urine odour by up to 99%. Microban® technology reduces ammonia odour from urine by up to 99%. Microban® has been scientifically proven to disrupt the bacteria process that coverts pet urine into ammonia odour.

It’s cleaner. Microban® antimicrobial protection is infused into Envirofill® during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew that can cause stains, odours, and product deterioration.

It’s reusable. Because of its superior durability, Envirofill’s coating and colour are warrantied for 16 years.

Each 22.5kg bag will cover around 3 sqm but you may wish to use more if the artificial grass has a long pile height. Purchase Envirofill.

Product comparison

Product comparison

FeaturesZeoliteRaw Angular SandEnvirofill
Angular, dusty, porous
Smooth, round, hard shell
Abrasion indexMedium to lowMedium to lowLow
Compacts over time
Blends with colour of turf
YesYesNo - promotes better drainage through your turf
Anti-Microbial Properties
Medium to highLowLow
Life cycle costsMediumLowLow
Application versatilityMediumMediumHigh
Health and Safety
0-5 yearsno warranty16 years
Breaks Down Over Time

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Suggested installation (using spreader)

EnvirofillJust before applying the Envirofill, rake or power broom across the surface of the synthetic turf so that the blades of grass are as vertical as possible.  This will help “open” the surface so that the granules have easier entry in between the fibers.  The goal is to fill the section from bottom up.

Cut open the Envirofill bag and fill the spreader hopper to a comfortable weight limit.

Start along one end of the lawn and move sideways in parallel row.

Calibrate the spreader based on the application rates above for the respective application type (pet, golf, etc).  We recommend spreading and raking the product into the fibers in lifts (1/4”, 7mm) at a time) to ensure proper distribution and quantity.

Once you have made the first pass over the entire surface, power broom the Envirofill deeper into the surface, making sure that there are no granules sitting on top of the grass blades.

Begin your second pass once you’ve power broomed the entire surface.  Repeat this process until you have reached the recommended depth stated above for each application type.

Once completed, the grass blades should appear vertical (maybe a slight angle) and consistent across the surface.  If some areas appear flat or matted, more Envirofill may be needed.

When using a thatched turf product, the Envirofill should not be noticeable at a glance.  The top of the Envirofill should be buried under the thatch yarn slightly and only recognized when kneeling and spreading the grass bladed apart with your fingers.

Purchase Envirofill

Green Envirofill grain for pet friendly artificial grass
Container of green Envirofill granules for pet friendly artificial grass
Section through artificial grass showing Envirofill brushed in

Envirofill video


Frequently Asked Questions…

How durable is the coating? 

The coating on Envirofill is extremely durable. It was designed to withstand the harshest elements. We are so confident in the coating that we have provided a 16-year warranty on the product’s color and coating – the longest warranty of an artificial turf infill. Envirofill has been in production since 2005 and has proven to have a very stable coating. The simplest test to prove its stability is to place the product in a jar of water and shake it. The water will stay clear. We put Envirofill through a number of accelerated wear tests which expose the product to UV rays through warm, cold, and wet cycles over 3,000 hours. The coating has proven to withstand these extreme temperature changes.

Can Envirofill help to reduce the surface temperature of artificial grass?

Simply put, yes. In a sports system, Envirofill is typically within ½” – ¾” of the tips of the fibers. In these systems, Envirofill aids in reflecting the sun’s energy. Envirofill ‘12/20 Tan’ has been proven to lower temperatures as much as 37 degrees when compared to a system with the same turf and rubber infill.

How does Envirofill compare to standard sand/rubber infill?

An Envirofill field will be more firm than a sand and rubber field. The shock absorption with an Envirofill field is provided by a shock pad. The shock pad provides a firmness to support athlete’s motion, foot stability, and ball-to-surface interaction. By providing shock attenuation via the shock pad, it will still keep athletes safe during play on the field. Envirofill fields are very consistent over their lives, due to two reasons: The infill is homogenous so there is no mixing over time and Envirofill settles into the turf very quickly at installation so there is no “break-in” period. Sand/rubber fields tend to change in performance over their life – they are typically soft at initial installation and then firm up toward the end of their life. Systems with Envirofill have been shown to have less than 10% change in Gmax scores.

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