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Which artificial grass is best for your project?

Outside roof terrace with natural looking artificial grass fitted
Artificial grass in garden area with leaves from surrounding trees
Synthetic grass used for play and cycle area

What to consider when choosing your artificial grass?

Take some time to select the right artificial grass for your project. Is it for normal garden use? Will children be playing on it? Do you have a dog? Have you got a sports mad child who'll be kicking a football around all weekend? There are some key issues to consider:


Artificial grass garden

How much should you budget for artificial grass?

In the last few years artificial grass products have come on leaps and bounds, with innovative manufacturing techniques and higher quality materials eradicating the spectre of the old, green, spiky products associated with greengrocers shelves!

We offer a wide range of artificial turf products with prices from entry level to luxury but all of our these superb grasses are manufactured to be versatile, resilient, soft, and authentic to look at.

As with most purchases in life, you do get what you pay for. With artificial grass products you will find that a cheap grass is usually produced from inferior materials, will have a low stitch rate, and will not have an authetic look or feel to them. Most customers are looking to install a product which will look and perform well for many, many years ahead so it makes sense to take care and purchase a synthetic turf which is genuinely going to last! A artificial turf lawn should be expected to last for 12-15 years, depending on installation and usage, so a little bit of time to consider the right options, and a determination to purchase a good quality artificial grass, will serve you well!

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Artificial lawn

What will you be using the artificial grass for?

It's important that you select the correct artificial grass for your project. Depending on the nature of it you have options on pile height, density, resilience, colour, and versatility.
  • Normal garden use - a typical landscaping grass, produced with polyethylene and polypropylene fibres is perfect for normal garden use
  • Play area - perhaps consider one of our coloured artificial grass options, creating a fun and vibrant area
  • Sports - dependinng on the activity you'll need to identify the correct surface or your may have reduced performance as a result. Golf, football, and multi sports pitches need the correct surface so take your time to look at the options
  • Have a dog? You should always consider which grass and base is used as unwanted dog smells may create a problem in the summer! Get a dog friendly base and grass

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Does artificial grass need maintaining? Artificial grass football pitch

Synthetic turf requires a low level of maintenance but not zero maintenance. Whether you have an artificial grass lawn at home or a synthetic turf putting green or a artificial turf play area, you'll need to look after the artificial grass now and again.

There are some basic things to consider:

  • Artificial grass garden - bruch up the pile, remove leaves, clean the grass using an enzyme cleaner if you have a dog. Move garden furniture around to avoid compressed blades if you can.
  • Artificial play area - similar to the garden advice but also check the 10mm underlay or shock pads now and again
  • Sports pitch - infill should be redistributed now and again, you'll need to follow the guidance on this.

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