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Planning advice and guide for artificial grass installations

Gladiator artificial grassWe take pride in supplying DIY'ers and the trade with the highest quality artificial turf and other superb landscape products. We've been doing so since 2007 and our commitment is to quality, value for money, and excellent service.
Planning and installing an artificial grass lawn, roof garden, terrace, and other projects is pretty straightforward and can provide a wide variety of benefits and advantages. Before you get into the detail of the actual synthetic truf requifed it's worth thinking about some key points for selecting your artificial grass.
Getting it right is obviously important to ensure that the project is completed to your satisfaction and there are some keys issues to consider. 
We can provide free advice and assistance without any obligation or cost.
  • Roll plans
  • Preparation advice
  • Installation advice
  • Aftercare

Attach your sketch here. We'll then review the information and submit a sketch showing the recommended roll layout as shown here.


Roll plans

Artificial grass roll plan

Get the roll or rolls correct!

Planning the position and direction of the artificial grass roll or rolls is absolutely critical for any project involving synthetic turf. If the grass is not facing the right way the grass will not look as authentic as it is design to be. Some key points:

  • Artificial grass is generally produced in 2m, 4m, 5m wide rolls. Maximum length 25m. You should always plan your project so the width of the roll(s) is facing the property or location from which the grass is most viewed from
  • If using multiple rolls consider the number of joins required, keeping them to a minimum
  • Reduce the amount of waste and use 'cut off' where possible

Send us your sketch plan. Be sure to include:

  • An accurate representation of the area with dimensions
  • Position of house in relation to the area
  • Any other features

Attach your sketch here. We'll then review the information and submit a sketch showing the recommended roll layout as shown here.


Preparation advice

Garden and putting areaPreparation tips

Some helpful hints to ensure your planning covers everything!

  • Access - can you get materials in and out of the project location? If there is no outside access to the synthetic grass site location you'll need to consider using a route through the house. Not always ideal!
  • Soil type - is your area free draining or does it hold water, draining slowly. This will influence the depth of the sub base you need to prepare for the artificial grass
  • Use - what do you intend to use the grass for? Conventional garden use? Sports and play? Putting green?
  • Pets - all of our grasses are pet friendly but some of them are specifically produced for artificial grass owners who are also dog owners
  • Maintenance - artificial grass is low maintenance not zero maintenance. Allow for some regular, simple, low level work to keep the grass at it's best.
  • Front garden project? - decide if you want the pile to face your property or the road. From which location do you want the grass to look most natural? 

Review our artificial grass preparation and installation guide


Installation advice

Grass installation


Don't cut corners and remember to plan for the key steps:

  • Existing area - if you're replacing a natural grass area you'll need to remove the top layer down to around 2-4 inches depending on the drainage of the soil in your area. If installing on a hard surface, or decking, you'll need to clean it up and consider an underlay
  • Sub base - be sure to install a solid, stable, and porous sub base. If you don't do this you'll compromise the life span of the lawn and its appearance.
  • Grass installation - select your grass and remember that you'll need a weed membrane, tape and glue if using multiple rolls, securing pins. If you have a dog you should consider Envirofill and an enzyme cleaner for regular cleaning.
  • Aftercare - allow for some regular, simple maintenance

Review our artificial grass preparation and installation guide



Dog sitting on grass

Look after your grass

You won't need to mow, water, or treat your lawn so that will give you more time to enjoy your garden! Some simple care for your lawn:

  • Lift the pile - use a power brush or strong leaf blower. 
  • Weeds - some seeds can settle in the pile so pick up weeds and treat if needed
  • Leaves - pick up or clear leaves when required.
  • Clean - if you have a dog make sure you wash/clean the grass where the dog does it's business! 
  • Move furniture - this prevents compressing the blades over a long period of time

More artificial grass aftercare information here


    Got a sketch plan?

    Just email us your sketch, showing layout, dimensions, location of house, any other feature, and we'll review it and return a roll plan with a supply quote

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