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Artificial grass for putting greens

Proline putting green

Proline artificial putting grass

Perfectly Green Proline artificial putting green turf is the best putting surface we have supplied since we were formed in 2007. The highly authentic appearance, superb putting surface and very affordable price has made this one of the most popular practice area synthetic grasses in the UK.

'Proline is without doubt the best artificial putting green surface I've used' - Jake, putting green specialist

    Why Proline?

    Proline putting green

    Why is Proline a great option?

    Synthetic grass is widely recognised by the golf industry as a viable alternative to real grass. Many professional golfers have fake grass putting greens in their gardens at home, and many golf courses are choosing to replace their tee lines and greens with synthetic turf to minimise maintenance and allow year round play. Proline provides a consistent, quality surface that resembles the perfectly manicured green of a championship course. It also offers excellent roll and ball speed.
    As you would expect with synthetic turf, artificial putting greens are very low maintenance. Of course there’s no watering, fertilising or mowing to worry about. Proline is UV resistant, so you’ll know your putting green will be green for years to come. Our fake putting turf comes in 2m and 4m widths, cut to your required length up to a maximum of 25m.
    Artificial putting greens are not restricted to domestic use. Many golf courses are choosing to replace their practice greens with fake turf. The versatility of synthetic putting greens is that they can be installed wherever you want. Why not have a small green in your pro shop for customers to try putters out before they buy? Putting greens can also be installed in hotel grounds, schools or anywhere else you wish. 
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    Proline specification

    Product specification

    PileTufted. 16mm, quality texturised curled yarn. 2 tone colour, polyethylene straight and polypropylene curled
    Density40 stitches per 10cm. Approx. 84,000 stitches per sqm
    Weight2.9kg per sqm with high quality and very durable latex backing
    Permeability60 litres per minute
    UV Warranty10 years to ensure that your synthetic putting green does not excessively fade or deteriorate as a result of sunshine 
    StimpmeterA reading of 10. Most public course range from 8.5 to 10.5. A stimpmeter is a simple device used by greenkeepers to measure and maintain a consistent pace of putting greens across the course
    Proline and fringe grass
    Proline and bunker

    Proline installations

    "Proline is the best artificial putting surface I've worked with. I install a lot of putting greens and this really is a high quality, authentic surface to practice on. Great value for money as well"

    C Bristow, artificial putting green fitter

    Prolien grass installed
    Proline and fringe
    Proline installation
    Proline artificial putting turf
    Proline and fringe area
    Proline in back garden
    Proline and garden area with trampoline
    Proline with bunker
    Proline in garden area
    Proline with flags
    Proline putting grass
    Proline putting green

    Installation guide

    Suggested installation steps

    Step 1 Think about your putting green area and layout. Consider fitting a fringe area for short chipping game. Do you want undulations on the putting surface? How many holes do you want?
    Step 2Dig out the area to prepare a suitable base which should be 50-100mm of compacted Type 1 Mot with a top surface of 10-15mm of compacted sharp sand. Lay a weed membrane below the base. Create any slopes or undulations in the surface but be careful to ensure that they are smooth and not too extreme
    Step 3Plan where your hole cups and flags will be positioned. For the best installation take out the aggregate from the area around the hole cups, position the cups, and then infill around the hole cup with concrete. This will prevent movement in the future
    Step 4Lay out the Proline for as long as possible to allow it to settle and flatten. In cold weather conditions try and keep the roll or rolls warm inside if at all possible. If you don't have this option please lay it out flat prior to fitting and fixing
    Step 5Install the Proline. Use joining tape and glue if you're using multiple rolls.
    Step 6Locate the hole cups and find the centre of the hole. From the middle carefully cut out the Proline and tuck the Proline in behind the edge of the lip of the hole cup which should be proud of the base by around 5mm
    Step 7Finish the installation by trimming and fixing the grass around the perimeter. Allow time for any roll joins to set and let the grass acclimatise


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    Proline and finge grass installation
    Proline installation
    Proline artificial grass

    Installation video

    Putting videos

    Proline putting turf and ball
    Go for something entirely different and transform your outside space into your own bespoke putting green made from artificial grass. Installing an artificial putting green in your back garden would give you the opportunity to practice your short game whenever you want, come rain or shine. There would be no need to drive to the golf course to use the practice greens and no more putting a ball across the living room carpet! Proline is the best putting green grass we've supplied, with a stimpmeter reading of 10. Don't forget to add on our brilliant hole cup and flag kit as well! 
    Create a fringe grass area to your putting green as well. Corvette and Huracan provide a great option for this feature although any of our superb landscaping grasses will look amazing.
    Request free samples or a supply and fit quote without any obligation.

    Proline putting turf products

    Perfectly Green 2024 brochure

    2024 Perfectly Green Product Brochure

    High quality artificial grass for:

    • Landscaping, homes, gardens, urban, and commercial
    • Putting greens, sports, schools, and playgrounds
    • Events, exhibitions, and hospitality
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