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7 creative uses of artificial grass

Posted on: 02nd December, 2016

Though artificial grass is often used in gardens, playgrounds and sporting centres, it has countless other uses that you may not have thought about. Here are 7 non traditional uses of artificial grass to inspire you.

1. Office decoration

Looking for an easy way to liven up your office? Creating a breakout room covered in artificial grass or decorating a boardroom with some of our high quality turf is a sure fire way of sprucing up the office, and providing an exciting place to come up with new ideas.

2. Indoor putting green

This is a great idea for the golf lovers out there. Instead of travelling out into the cold for a little bit of evening golf, make your own putting green and play whenever you want. Whether you want to brush up on your putting skills or simply want something to keep you busy, our top quality artificial turf looks and feels like the real thing but makes an easy, no fuss, place to play.

3. Roof garden

Live in a top floor apartment and don’t own a garden? Don’t miss out – use artificial grass to create a roof or balcony garden which is easy to look after, pretty to look at and can be tailored to fit any size you want. Also, you don’t have to worry about weather damage!

4. Festival

As anyone who has been to Reading or Glastonbury or any of the other amazing festivals the UK has to offer will tell you, with so many people around, it gets muddy fast. Artificial grass doesn’t have that problem. Create an immediately impressive atmosphere or use it to line a stage or tent for people to chill out after a long set. Either way, the options are endless.

5. Table runner

Ready for a dinner party with a difference? Simply adding a long strip of artificial grass to a table is a fast, easy way of creating a natural aesthetic in your dining room.

6. Man cave flooring

Lucky enough to have your own man cave or playroom? Not only will artificial grass be an interesting way of decorating (and if it is for the sport lover, what better than your own indoor area?) but it is also soft and makes for a great floor covering.

7. Arts and decorations

Are you a creative type? Artificial grass has dozens of potential uses, many of which probably haven’t done before! A quick Google search shows people using synthetic grass for everything from bag coverings, to pillows to motorbike covers! Whatever you want to achieve, artificial grass is adaptable and can be used for hundreds of creative arty projects.

Do you have a creative use for artificial grass? We would love to hear it! Let us know by messaging us on Twitter or Facebook.


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