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Artificial grass blade shapes - why are they important?

Back garden with artificial grass installation

Published: 04 February 2023

Buying artificial grass, whether for yourself or as a landscaper purchasing on behalf of a client, is a process of making some simple choices and decisions. Price may be an important factor but advances in materials and manufacture give you the chance to consider a variety of other issues. We stock many different types of artificial grasses within our landscaping and garden range, with a multitude of matters to consider when choosing synthetic grass for a garden – pile height, density, colour, dtex and so on - but the one we will consider here is the ‘blade shape’

Why is blade shape important?

‘Spring back’ refers to ability of the synthetic grass blades to return to an upright position once they have been walked on or flattened by normal garden activity. Some grasses have better capacity to ‘spring back’ with relevant factors including density of the grass and lower curly thatch, the pile height and the dtex of the yarn. All of our artificial grasses are produced with shaped blades for better ‘spring back’ qualities

Back garden with artificial grass Sunny day artificial back garden

Which blade type is best for my garden?

Like all things product and retail based, it is about choice. By having different blade types, whether it be shape or technology, it allows some choice and option when choosing your artificial grass. As the market has moved on and developed over time by listening to consumer wants, needs, and trends, we can offer a suitable product for each enquiry. We serve a multitude of sectors, customer, and home types, and will liaise with you at every stage to ensure we get your artificial grass right for you. As all Perfectly Green grass products are manufactured with blade shapes you can select your grass based on what you like the look of, the feel of, and how much you wish to spend, safe in the knowledge that your grass will 'spring back' and keep looking great!

Blade shapes on our landscaping and garden grasses
GrassBlade Shapes Excellent Spring Back?
CorvetteC, D and DiamondYes
Senna Micro-NerveYes
 Gladiator Propeller and C Yes
 BlitzPropeller Yes
 MulsanneS Yes
 SoulMicro-Nerve and CYes


Always remember that even the best quality artificial grasses require a low level of maintenance including a regular brush of the grass to lift the pile and keep it looking at its best!

To discuss blade shapes or any other issues relating to your choice of artificial grass contact us now or request free samples


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