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Battle & Langton Primary School Project

Battle and Langton Primary School project including artificial grass

Published: 27 February 2020

Battle & Langton is a Primary school in the heart of Battle, East Sussex. With several large open areas and playing fields, they have multiple spaces for the children to enjoy during their break times and PE lessons.

One of the smaller open areas near one of the classrooms needed re-development. The ground’s surface had originally been asphalt, a soft tarmac type product, which had faded and worn with time and use. Battle & Langton wanted a more open, light, and spacious environment, working within the parameters of the fencing and side of the school building. A quality artificial grass solution was approved for the area, so that the kids had a safe environment that felt more naturally outdoors than the asphalt that was there previously.

Our install agents, Unreal Lawns Eastbourne, worked the project beautifully. They laid our Mystique artificial grass product in, an artificial turf proving to be a popular choice for educational facilities, play areas, and playgrounds. This is due to its luscious green colour, durability, and density. Our Mystique artificial grass is full of colour and spring-back, making it an excellent choice for areas that received a lot of footfall.

The key benefits of Mystique include:

1. high-quality synthetic turf that looks and feels like a real garden lawn;
2. super soft and very dense artificial grass has 4 different coloured yarns which give it a very natural spring look;
3. designed for heavily used areas that have to withstand children running around and playing for many years;
4. highly durable and requires minimal maintenance, occasional brushing is all that is needed.

The final result was a fake grass that emoted all the familiarity of a real grass, of the highest quality, and lovely soft and open space for the children (and teachers!) to enjoy.


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